Interpretation Of A Dream About Hugging A Dog

Any interaction with animals in a dream, in the opinion of the dreambook, reflects the relationship of a dreamer with others. If you happened to embrace a dog in a dream, to explain what this action means you need to take into account such details: the color of the animal, its behavior and the feelings of the dreamer.

An affectionate dog that you were hugging in a dream promises success in your endeavors and faithful friends. Seeing a kind dog becoming angry for no apparent reason means that the help of your friends can be associated with insidious and selfish interests.

If a young girl was hugging a dog of sophisticated breed in a dream, this plot promises her a frivolous dapper admirer.

The hugs of a big dog in a dream predicts acquaintance with a solid and wealthy man that can develop into a long love relationship, the Eastern dreambook states.

    The dreambook from A to Z takes into consideration the color and size of the animal:
  • Hugging a red-haired dog in a dream means someone is using your trust;
  • Hugging a black dog (that is not yours) – someone from your close surrounding is very angry with you;
  • Hugging a white dog – your friend requires support, but is why to ask;
  • Hugging a big dog – new acquaintance that will grow into strong friendship.

Petting a dog in a dream is related to sincere joy from communication with your friend. This person will brighten your days with interesting news or pleasant surprise.

Petting a lap-dog in a dream predicts a quarrel or unpleasant conversation with someone close to you.

Seeing another person hugging a dog is a sign that this person is always ready to help you and support you in any case. If the dog was jumping itself into your arms, this symbol shows it is time to visit your friends.

If you hugged a dog that passed away, the dreambook interpret this as a sign symbolizing the end of a difficult and unsuccessful period in life.

Sergii Haranenko
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