Jackal Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about jackal? A jackal in your dream means you have to listen to your inner senses in order to finish what you started. According to Miller a jackal in a dream symbolizes inner fears; this animal can personalize a thief or evil person. If you saw a jackal eating rotten flesh the dream symbolizes that you will have to deal with an issue no one else can handle with. Mostly probable you will have to fix someone’s mistakes.

If you heard a scary jackal howl in your dream you should be alert and observant.

If your dream was about a dirty jackal this means you have a foe who is ready for everything in order to humiliate and destroy you. You can also dream about this scary animal before receiving an unpleasant letter of call. If you had a dream that you live at the outskirts and there are a number of jackals living next to you this dream means that the black period in your life is going to end soon.

    Seeing a jackal at the zoo and feeling his angry look means that you have many ill-wishers and people who envy you in real life. One animal symbolizes lies and betrayal from the person you know about, a flock of jackals predicts a long period of troubles and problems. Some details of the dreams may help you better interpret it:
  • to meet by accident - brings an accident
  • to run away - beware of gossip
  • to hunt - you will reveal a plot
  • to kill - you will avoid bad acquaintance
  • to be bitten - loss, bad news.
Sergii Haranenko

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