Traces Dream Meaning

Any traces in a dream have their own explanations in the dream book. To explain the marks in dreams, it is important to take into account not only the character and place of the traces, but also the character who left them. Most often the dream predicts the search for an answer to a question that a sleeping person is concerned about in reality.

To see unidentified traces in a dream are interpreted by Miller as bad luck in some business, unsuccessful outcome of the situation. Dreamed tangled tracks of animals or birds on the ground warn the dreamer about the unjustified risk.

To see shoe prints on snow or sand foreshadows a long healthy life with Vanga’s dream book. According to the General Interpreter, leaving marks on the snow means that the company started risk of being empty or unsuccessful.

Wet prints of shoes on the floor predict small but troublesome endeavors. Dirty traces of shoes or paws on the floor in a dream indicate the dubious possibility of getting rich. If you were leaving wet prints on the floor or on the ground, this means you do not pay attention to minor but important details in business that you started. Such plot means you may be disappointed.

Own dirty footprints on the snow indicate your unscrupulous intentions or dishonest actions in an important business. The dream of a bloody human trail suggests a wrong attitude towards relatives.

The Modern dreambook gives interpretation of hiding traces of crime in a dream. If you manage to cover the traces and confuse the evidence of your own rash actions in a dream, then you will manage to succeed in risky endeavor in reality.

Wiping your fingerprints in a dream - to a well-deserved punishment for rash actions or unrecorded risks. For a man to scrub blood from any object in a dream tells about empty hopes to take a break from work, since relatives or comrades will cause new troubles.

A dream about animals traces is a reminder that affairs should be guided by the experience and advice of wise people. Prints from the paws of a wolf on the road warn of a collision with enemies. Dreamed wolf bites on the body are predicting resentment and disappointment.

Bear bite scars foreshadow trouble and problems. For a girl to see big prints of the bear's paws promises a rich and generous boyfriend. Dreaming of a cat scratch on the body - to a clash with a rival.

Dreams of lipstick traces of kisses on the body of a loved one are viewed from two positions. The first one indicates the inner uncertainty of the dreamer in her own attractiveness. On the other hand, the vision of the marks of lipstick says about the subconscious desire of the beloved to have an intrigue on the side.

Traces of injections on your hands warn about a mistake that a dreamer can make in reality. The mark from a lightning strike indicates an excessive manifestation of emotions; the dreambooks recommend restraining them.

Traces of tires on the road predict a traveling or business trip. Marks from a flying airplane in the sky warn about losses that will happen not because of dreamer’s fault. The Modern dreambook gives another interpretation of such plot: it speaks of insincerity of your second half.

Seeing bullet marks in a dream is a sign of risky endeavor. Walking along the traces of the deceased in a dream predicts illness.

Sergii Haranenko
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