Hyena Dream Meaning

Seeing a hyena in a dream is a warning of imminent danger. A dream means that there are people nearby who can betray you, take away something valuable, and impose the unnecessary. Dream Interpretations suggest that to kill a hyena for a man means to outwit companions and businessmen who want to deceive; for a woman - to defeat an opponent.

To meet with a flock of hyenas in a dream, to see them grin - means to step on an obstacle course, to learn about the illness of loved ones, to become a victim of secret enemies. Miller’s dream book promises an unpleasant conversation with a rival. It is especially bad if you dream that the animal bites, growls and attacks.

    Psychologists give the following interpretations of dreams about hyenas:
  • A hyena that looks friendly and waging its tail – appearance of an intrusive person;
  • Aggressive – unpleasant showdown in the family or among colleagues;
  • To fight the animal and kill it – a dignified way out of a difficult situation;
  • Being bitten by hyena – betrayal, deceit, cunningness of people around.

The interpretation of a dream starring hyena in Vanga’s dream book comes down to a health warning. In the coming days, the healer recommends not burdening yourself with laborious work, often changing activities so that you don’t get tired.

Nervous overloads, physical fatigue, sudden ailments are exactly what a predator circling you in a dream and causing you to worry means. Health problems will pile up sharply if it is dreamed that the animal is chasing you and does not want to leave you.

The famous psychoanalyst Freud in his dream book focuses on betrayal by the partner. He especially warns women to become vigilant if you dreamed that a hyena is nearby. A woman will have to face gossip, slander against her husband.

When a man dreams of hyena, it is explained quite simply - secret enemies will begin to conduct violent activities in order to take your business or secure the right to a successful project created by a dreamer. To see a hyena in a dream means not to notice a person next to you, ready for meanness and forgery.

To see a defeated hyena in a dream, to kill it yourself means to overcome difficulties without loss. A dream means that the ill-wishers will be defeated, the deception will be revealed, those who tried to denigrate you will be punished by providence itself.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus portends a positive change to all who have dreamed of hiding hyena or running away. Even if the animal grins its teeth. The dream clearly shows that competitors are afraid of you and will not dare to attack, even in extreme cases.

Sergii Haranenko
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