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Panther Dream Meaning

To dream of a walking black panther means you lack self-confidence in real life. You are afraid for no reason; you need to step over your fear, the dream book advises, everything will work out for you.

If you dreamed of a white panther watching you from a tree - dreams and plans are not yet feasible. But if the animal jumped off the tree, came up and lay at your feet, you may shout “Hurray!” All desires will come true in the near future.

Dreaming of a black panther running for prey means you will witness an unpleasant incident in reality. Do not interfere in the conflict - you will not be able to help, just harm yourself, Miller's dreambook advises.

A panther on a leash or in a cage grinning at you means you will be able to cope with any unpleasant situation in which you get because of your careless actions in reality.

Despite the favorable outcome of the dream, be careful, the dream book recommends.

If you dreamed about a predator that looked like a tiger in coloring, but the size of a panther, this is a symbol meaning that all your existing problems are made up. Things are not as bad as you think. Calm down and continue to live and receive pleasure.

A dream in which a wild panther attacks you, and you fight with it - the enemies weave intrigues and prepare for an offensive. Pay attention to the color of the animal: white - you will manage to win the conflict, black - alas, you will lose.

A panther bite in a dream predicts illness. If you saw blood on the bite spot – you will be the one who gets sick; dry wound without blood – someone close to you. If you were watching a panther attack and bite someone, this means your friends will need your help or advice.

To see that the animal bites you, but you do not feel any pain or fear - you sign some important contract in real life. The pain and fear is unbearable - the dream predicts the termination of the contract or agreement (marriage, business, etc.)

If you dream that you are fighting with a panther, and it bit itself in a fight - in real life, the interpretation of the plot will please you: the enemies will “ choke” on their own poison and capitulate.

If you dreamed that a predatory cat rubs against your feet, like a domestic cat, you will get a good job offer, Miller’s dream book promises. Perhaps this will be a new job, and maybe a promotion.

To see that the panther lies at your feet, purrs, and gently bites your fingers - wait for the replenishment of the budget. Bonus, salary or winnings - it will be a pleasant surprise for you.

In a dream, you are attacked by a kind wild predator, wanting to play with you - get ready for the arrival of guests. If games with a predatory animal in a dream were a joy to you, guests will be welcome, if you constantly feel fear and anxiety; troublesome guests are guaranteed to you.

A calm and affectionate panther with cubs - pleasant surprises await you. The more cubs you saw in a dream, the more pleasant and unexpected the surprise will be, Eastern Dreambook promises.

Sergii Haranenko

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