Dream About Committing Suicide Meaning

One of the scariest dream plots is the picture of death, whether it is your own death or someone you care about. But it is of great importance for dreams interpretation to distinguish whether someone was deprived of his or her life due to an accident, murder, natural causes or as a result of committing a suicide. Let’s get a closer to look to dreams about someone killing himself.

In majority of cultures and religions killing oneself is considered a sin. Based on this, we can say that committing a suicide in a dream is a bad sign. What does it usually symbolize? You should understand that this disturbing dream can not be ignored because this is how your subconscious reacts on inner pain (that may be psychological, emotional or physical).

Dreaming of depriving yourself of life may indicate feelings of despair, loss, hopelessness, or an inability to cope with the problems you are facing. A dream about suicide is a serious signal that a person needs help and support. But of course, it does not necessarily mean that the person is really ready to take such an irreparable mistake. This may be just a reflection of anxiety or stress.

Besides that, dreaming of killing oneself may be the way your subconscious is dealing with the need to make a difficult decision or change something in your life.

Committing a suicide can also symbolize the desire to kill some aspect of one's self. Instead of destroying undesirable qualities, isn't it better to try to understand them and try integrating with your personality rather than destroy them?

Dreaming of self-inflicted death is usually a warning that something in your life requires your attention and actions. But you should remember that life gives us as much as we may handle; be sure that you are not alone, you just need some help and support and you will be able to overcome everything step by step.

If you have a dream about someone ending his life, it is important to pay attention to your emotions and state of mind. If you experience strong feelings, fear or anxiety, it is recommended that you consult a specialist - a psychologist or therapist - to understand the reasons for such dreams and get the necessary support in solving your problems.

Voluntary death seen in a dream may also symbolize that a person accuses himself of something. He may be pursuing himself for some actions. Besides that, the person may want to give something up.

Seeing a suicide victim is a sign that difficult circumstances or contradictions can lead to the collapse of your plans or affairs.

If you dream that someone committed suicide, you should get ready because undeserved accusations may soon be brought against you. Besides that this plot may mean that you feel helpless not being able to support the person you care about.

Some interpreters think that intending to commit suicide is a warning about misfortune that will weigh on you for a long time. Witnessing self-harm resulting in death or hearing about it means someone else's failure will lead to a breakdown in your affairs.

Now let’s take a look at some self-slaughter details which may have different interpretations.

Seeing a suicidal individual opening his veins in a dream means that the reason for your failure may be a thoughtless and senseless waste of energy and money. You may need to pay attention to the decisions you are taking because maybe you are directing your energy in the wrong direction in some activity.

Hanged suicide suggests that one of your plans may fail due to your indecision.

If a suicide shoots himself in the head, this is a warning that there may be a mistake hidden in your plans that threatens to become fatal to your business.

A shot in the heart or chest is a sign that plans may collapse due to your conflicting feelings. After such a dream, you should bring your emotions into balance and not give in to momentary impulses.

What is the dream meaning of another person killing himself? Your affairs will be negatively affected by the problems of strangers. Seeing the death of another person from suicide means that you will become a witness or even an unwitting participant in an unpleasant incident. Sometimes someone else's suicide hints that you will fall under the influence of an unkind personality.

If one of your parents committed suicide, the dreambook predicts their long life. If a parent’s suicide appeared in a dream of a school child, this image means that his parents will leave him alone and release of overprotection. Now you can fulfill your ideas without any doubts.

Stranger’s self-harm in a dream, especially if he hanged himself, warns that the most dear person will offend you. Did you happen to see an unfamiliar drowned man? The interpreter believes that you will have to fight for your rights.

Seeing your mother’s suicide, whose image is related to family relations, reflects problems in your marriage. Unlike mother, a father, symbolizes strict and constructive control. Seeing his suicide in a dream is interpreted as some kinds of obstacles: the dreamer will have to deal with his problems on his own not relying on anyone. This image can be a warning about her partner’s cheating on her. Other dreambooks consider a dream about one of your parents’ suicide as a symbol of a long-distance trip. You can also be sure that there is no threat for their health.

As the dreambooks state seeing your friend’s suicide predicts troubles connected with taking a serious decision. If your beloved man decided to finish his life in a dream (if you are a woman), you will have to decide whether to accept his adultery or break your relations. If your elder sister committed suicide, this dream means your business rivals will stop pestering you; if it was your younger sister this means you want to change and refuse of some habits and features of character.

Did you have a dream about your loved one ending it all? Well, this is a call to reflect on the meaning of life. Perhaps you are underestimating someone or doing something wrong. If in a dream a sick relative has killed himself, this is a sign that a miraculous healing awaits him in reality.

Seeing a familiar person killing himself means that you will be disappointed in someone. A girl may dream of someone's suicide before her lover leaves her. If your ex-boyfriend killed himself in a dream, this means there will be a failure in love in real life. The deceased person who committed suicide in a dream marks the failure of plans through your own fault.

Hope we managed to give you the general idea how to understand dreams involving ending one’s life.

Sergii Haranenko
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