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Suicide Dream Meaning

A suicide that someone commits can scare anybody, but such dreams are usually opposite interpretations. If one of your parents committed suicide in your dream, the Summer dreambook predicts their long life. If a parent’s suicide appeared in a dream of a school child, this image means that his parents will leave him alone and release of overprotection. Now you can fulfill your ideas without any doubts.

A mother’s suicide, whose image is related to family relations, reflects problems in your marriage. Unlike mother, a father, symbolizes strict and constructive control. Seeing his suicide in a dream is interpreted as some kinds of obstacles: the dreamer will have to deal with his problems on his own not relying on anyone. This image can be a warning about her partner’s cheating on her. Other dreambooks consider a dream about one of your parents’ suicide as a symbol of a long-distance trip. You can also be sure that there is no threat for their health.

As Miller’s dreambook states, seeing your friend’s suicide predicts troubles connected with taking a serious decision. If your beloved man decided to finish his life in a dream (if you are a woman), you will have to decide whether to accept his adultery or break your relations. If your elder sister committed suicide, this dream means your business rivals will stop pestering you; if it was your younger sister this means you want to change and refuse of some habits and features of character.

If you saw blood on the body of the person who committed suicide, the dream warns you to be careful because you can get a bleeding wound in real life.

If you saw an unknown person killing himself, American dreambook considers that other people’s actions will spoil your life. This dream plot can also mean that you will become a witness of some accident. An Autumn dreambook thinks that witnessing somebody’s suicide is a warning about criminal prosecution. Suicide intention predicts problems at your own fault; seeing somebody’s suicide is a symbol of some shock that will change your life.

An attempt to save somebody from this final step is a symbol that you will pull his problems on you. But in this situation you can be sure that your family is strong and you can cope with any difficulties with support of your relatives. If there was blood on an unknown person, your ill-wishers can take you by surprise. In general, dreams about suicide predict long life to the dreamer.

Sergii Haranenko

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