Hiding A Corpse Dream Meaning

Hasse’s dreambook explains the symbolism of hiding a body in a dream as a dreamer’s attempt to hide some unseemly deeds in real life. To see a dead person in a dream and trying to get rid of him is also a sign of making mistakes.

    Some dreambooks recommend remembering the image details in order to get full interpretation of the symbol:
  • stranger’s body - to admit mistakes, spiritual growth;
  • the corpse of your beloved - to expose family secrets;
  • man’s body - unrequited love;
  • women’s body- to break the hateful connections;
  • animal’s body - to exit from a stressful situation;
  • bird’s body - good news;
  • dream about dismembered body - danger.

If you happened to hide the dead body of an unknown person in a dream, do not panic. Most likely, the dreamer was disappointed in his actions and wants to fix them urgently.

If you dreamed of hiding the body of a loved one, try not to reveal family secrets to others. Nearby there will be those who envy family well-being and will try to destroy the idyll.

Esoteric dreambook predicts losing trust between family members if you felt the loss of your husband in a dream.

If you happened to kill a woman and tried to hide a corpse in a dream, Miller considers this plot a sign that it's time to destroy non-constructive relationships. If you have long wanted to express your claims, demands, the exact moment has come when it will be the least painless for yourself and partners.

To find a male deadman in a dream and drag him to the cemetery to bury predicts unrequited feelings.

The dream interpreters consider that burying animals in a dream is a symbol of positive life period. Most of all it touches the dreamer's mental and moral health. Getting rid of a dead animal means to be completely cured of depression. Soon there will be a passion in your life that will allow you to forget about stress, nervous tension.

If you collected and covered body parts from prying eyes - wait for unpleasant tricks from colleagues or household members. Someone clearly does not want you to get to the truth and hides the real situation from you.

To hide a corpse and be afraid to be caught in a dream shows your attempt to fool your partners or friends. Traditional dream books advise not to risk - fraud will soon be revealed and you will be forced to admit defeat.

Sergii Haranenko
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