Long Life Dream Meaning

A long life in a dream is a symbol of wisdom, spiritual growth. Seeing yourself as an old person means gaining loyal friends and patrons. If you dreamed that a wonderful destiny was predicted for you, be prepared for easy earnings, stable income. Why one dreams about longevity, the modern dream books explain quite simply.

Gustav Miller recommends that the dreamer pay attention to what conditions of life he got into in a dream. The more positive moments you dreamed of, the more interesting and richer your tomorrow will be. Experiencing bright and positive emotions means that there will be a reason to rejoice at the great successes of your relatives and friends in reality.

    A famous psychologist interprets the dream of a long life as follows:
  • to see yourself as the oldest member of the family - promises honor and respect;
  • being in the circle of friends in old age - predicts emergence of a reliable patron;
  • to be on the verge of death, but suddenly to get out - is a sign of recovery;
  • to become a decrepit person in one moment - symbol of some difficulties.

Traditional dream books explain a long life in a dream with correct behavior in reality. If you dreamed that gray hair looked good in you, rejoice - the times will soon come when everything will work out the first time, things will improve quickly, nothing can darken your thoughts.

Why you dream of being surrounded by relatives when being in the old years is described in detail by Nostradamus's dream book. It turns out that a spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters, or other family members will surprise you in the not too distant future. A dream means that you will not cease to admire their successes, you will share glory and honor with them.

Seeing yourself close to death, but not dying in a dream predicts recovery. Vanga's dream book guarantees an influx of vital energy that will help even a hopeless patient get on his feet. If you dreamed that you had a long, blissful life, it means that in real life you will be able to get out of any ailment.

The sudden recovery of the dreamer, his close relatives, a successfully undergone operation – this is exactly what a long life means in a dream. Try trusting the specialists and your own intuition more, accept the support of your relatives in everything with gratitude, then no diseases will be able to scare you.

Not aging at all in a dream, striving for eternal living on Earth, in the same body is the fate of those who are righteous, keep fasts, grow their spiritually, even if they are not a monk or a priest.

Being a decrepit and frail old man in a dream is not always good. The interpretation of a dream in Tsvetkov's dream book comes down to the emergence of financial difficulties, problems in the sexual sphere. Visionaries and psychologists recommend protecting yourself from meetings with swindlers, dishonest partners.

Sergii Haranenko
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