Grandmother Dream Meaning

On the one hand, grandma means the wisdom of generations, good advice, understanding, warmth, support and a symbol of a strong family, and on the other hand, she means old age, infirmity, disease.

To dream of your grandmother means that your life experience will help you get out of a difficult, possibly dangerous situation. Tears on the face of your grandmother, who appears to you, foreshadow undeserved insults, a quarrel with close people. If your grandmother who is deceased for a long time advises you something in a dream, wait for a change in life. It depends on your ability to maneuver whether these changes will be positive or negative. Seeing her calm and smiling is a guarantee of success and joy, restless - a possible danger.

If you dream that you have become a grandmother, it means something unexpected. If you have children, watch their health.

To dream of your own grandmother, if she is alive at the moment, is a sign of hearing from her. The dream also means that if someone has to pay you money for the work you have done and you are currently worried about this, then you have nothing to worry about. You will definitely get this payment.

Seeing your grandmother next to you in bed is a sign that she approves of your plans that will succeed. If you meet your grandmother in a dream and this meeting will be completely unexpected for you, then in life you will face many difficulties and obstacles in business and you will be in dire need of outside help or advice.

A grandmother who scolds you, as in childhood, means that you will commit a rash act, which you will have to regret.

According to interpretation of American dreambook, a grandmother - a symbol of an old wise woman. This is the wise, mature aspect of your self. The American Indians kindly called the earth "grandmother of the earth", honoring it as a living, conscious being. This sign can refer to your own grandmother and her talents.

According to Freud, grandma in a dream is a symbol of the feminine or female genital organs, but with a certain coloring. For a girl, she symbolizes her fears of her unattractiveness and fear of being left without a sexual partner. For a woman, the grandmother symbolizes the fear of losing sexual attractiveness. For the young man, the grandmother symbolizes his fear of being insolvent. For a man, a grandmother symbolizes his sadness about missed opportunities.

To dream of your grandmother, but not to see her face, but only to assume that this is your grandmother - means significant material support from relatives.

Grandma's house, in which you come or which you pass by in a dream, is a signal to the fact that you need support and warmth. In this sense, the home is like a center of this support and warmth, pleasant memories are associated with it. You can see your grandmother's old house as if in a dream as nostalgic for the time when you were happy. Also, some dream books claim that in this way the late relatives remind us of themselves, so the dreamer should go to the cemetery to visit them and put a candle in the church for the rest of their soul.

On the other hand, the house of the deceased grandmother may also be a bad sign: in Miller’s dream book, the grandmother who is in her own house in your dream warns you that soon someone along her line will become seriously ill. The house of a grandmother and grandfather in a dream in this sense is a warning that you and your relative should pay more attention to your own health.

But if you saw the house deceased mistress enter it, you will get rich soon. Try to remember the details of plot with your grandmother's house, because they will tell you exactly what this house dreams about.

If you dreamed a grandmother whom you do not know at all, you can become an object of gossip and condemnation. Passing in a dream past the grannies sitting on the bench is a signal that notoriety is going about you, the dreambooks are sure.

Grandmother and grandfather in a dream, according to many dream books, foreshadow you that you will have to face great difficulties in reality. But do not be upset in advance: someone’s sensitive advice will help you through all the difficulties and you will end up as a winner.

If you saw the death of your grandmother in a dream, you should be on your guard, because gossip and intrigue may be spread against you. Take care of your reputation and do not succumb to all sorts of provocations - dreambooks advise.

To see your late grandmother in a dream is a good sign. The Russian dreambook convinces you that a quiet refuge and calmness awaits you in the restless ocean of life. For a single man or unmarried girl, a deceased grandmother in a dream foreshadows a coming marriage, as a result of which a strong and friendly family will be created.

Granny having another person’s face in your dream warns you that you shouldn’t trust any person you meet, because he may not be the one to whom he claims to be.

If a dead grandma is alive in your dream, this means you will succeed. Many dream books convince us that the answer to what the revived dead person means in dreams is very auspicious. Soon your dreams will come true, all your aspirations will come true, so be ready to celebrate, because when a dead grandmother comes to you in a dream is a good sign. Many dreambooks also associate such plot with your subconscious desire to return this person to our world, with the inability to reconcile with her death.

Hugging a late grandmother in a dream is a sign that can be interpreted differently. According to Miller's dreambook, the deceased granny, whom you embrace in a dream, will bring you health and longevity. For a sick person, this is not a good sign. If a person is completely healthy, a maximum of bad that such a dream will tell is that soon you will get sick a little, but the disease will be light. Also, when a deceased grandmother hugs you in a dream - this is a sign that you made a mistake, and soon regret your action.

If your deceased grandmother kisses you in a dream - have patience, because you will have complications in all matters, trouble at work, spoiled relationships and illness. Kissing a dead grandmother in a dream in the forehead, as when parting with her, according to Miller’s dream book, is a sign that you will have to part with someone of your friends or relatives for a while.

The grave of your grandmother, that comes to you in a dream, can tell you that you miss past times, past days. Remember your deceased grandmother, order a prayer in the church for the repose of her soul, dream books suggest.

A grandma in a coffin seen in a dream is a bad sign predicting different kinds of misfortune. Miller tells us that if you attended the funeral of your grandmother, and the weather in your dream was good, then everything in your family would be fine, you would expect a profit or good news. Bad weather - on the contrary - indicates that soon something will change with you or your family, and not for the better.

When the deceased grandmother gives you money, you should be more careful with finances, because due to carelessness and unjustified gullibility to people, your financial situation can change a lot not for the better in the near future.

The sick grandmother, who was seen in a dream, is a prophecy that the business in which you will soon take part will not bring the desired results, you will feel your complete impotence and uselessness in it, since you will be definitely not at ease.

To see not one, but many grandmothers in a dream is a sign of spiritual protection and patronage. Dream books are convinced that your ancestors protect you reliably.

In the dream, the grandmother is young, joyful and smiling - one of your loved ones, relatives or friends is waiting for you, the dreambooks say. Such a dream reminds you to visit a person who needs your attention and care.

Sergii Haranenko
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