Losing Weight Dream Meaning

Plumpness seen in a dream is a sign of well-being. In contrast to it stand dreams about thinness, and they symbolize, as you might guess, poverty and decline. But why one dreams about weight loss is a moot point. On the one hand, it is a symbol of loss of something, but there is another point of view that says that losing weight in a dream means getting rid of excess and unnecessary.

Did you decide to lose those extra pounds in a dream? The dream predicts losses and damages. And if a familiar woman or relative who is already very thin is on a diet, such a dream promises you enrichment at the expense of other people's losses.

In your night visions, did you have to lose weight on the advice of a doctor? Well, it's time to pay for those forbidden joys that you allowed yourself.

If you dreamed that you need to lose weight due to illness, this means you annoyed your boss with something and it is quite possible that you will have to look for a new job.

Was your motto in a dream: "Lose weight in order to be beautiful!"? You have long and stubbornly achieved your goal, and now the time has come for its implementation, the Moon Dreambook pleases.

To see that you have lost a lot of weight because you have neither food nor money – the dream means you spent too much money on nonsense in reality, now you do not have money not only in a dream, but also in reality.

If you had a dream that you are a nutritionist and a very thin man comes to you to ask for help to return the kilograms that have gone away - the interpretation of such a dream is as follows: you helped your colleague cope with the work, and now he is indebted to you.

To see that a friend who lost weight thanks you for your help and advice on nutrition means you will receive a gift from the person whom you like, promises Miss Hasse's dream book.

A slimmer relative came to see you, a specialist in diets, and demands to return the money, since, in his opinion, this is not your merit? This is an offensive dream, but, fortunately, it bodes an unexpected income, the Eastern Dream Book is encouraging.

A huge profit is promised by a dream in which you helped lose weight to a stranger and he generously thanked you for it.

Is it a dream that during weight loss you break away from diet and start to eat everything in a row? This means you were not completely honest with your loved one, this threatens you with parting.

Seeing that you are buying dietary food in order to lose extra pounds is a sign that in reality it would not hurt you to review your diet, Tsvetkov’s dream book suggests.

Did you dream that your husband or close friend is engaged in fasting for the purpose of losing weight and is drinking only water? If you do not get rid of bad habits, they can play a cruel joke with you.

Did you have a dream about a very thin friend who suffers from anorexia? This means you should take care of your nerves, they are known to recover very slowly.

She dreams that mom or father lost a lot of weight because of worries for you and now look like “walking skeletons” – this plot means your heart is at risk, you should take care of it, the Female Dream Book recommends.

If you don’t recognize your beloved man or woman in a very thin person, you need to take care of your eyesight, it can fail you at the most inopportune moment.

    The dreambooks give short interpretations of weight loss depending on who got slimmer in a dream:
  • grandmother - the implementation of the plan;
  • close relative - the deterioration of health;
  • brother - profit;
  • former boyfriend - material losses;
  • the enemy - conflict with colleagues;
  • cousin - a temporary truce with enemies;
  • a familiar girl - to return the stolen thing;
  • daughter - reconciliation with a loved one after a serious quarrel;
  • male friend - monetary reward;
  • uncle - problems in business;
  • wife - longing for a former lover;
  • familiar old man - unrequited love;
  • sister-in-law - useless chores;
  • son-in-law - positive changes in your personal life;
  • lover - to the obstacles to the goal;
  • boy - the need to change your lifestyle;
  • mother - an unpleasant conversation with management;
  • husband - scandals with relatives;
  • father - illness;
  • girlfriend - loneliness;
  • male relative - meeting with an old friend;
  • mother-in-law - success in business;
  • sister - achieving the goals;
  • a pregnant girl - depression;
  • girl - work in a women's team;
  • lady-rival - reprimand from boss;
  • neighbor - losses;
  • son - loss of a valuable thing;
  • aunt - refusing to make an expensive purchase;
  • dead person - good health;
  • dog lost weight – shame.
    Depending on what body part lost most weight in a dream, the dreambooks give the following interpretations:
  • belly - a wedding invitation;
  • face - concluding a successful agreement;
  • legs - victory in a competition;
  • hands - financial well-being;
  • back - new serious relationship;
  • breasts - quarrels with family members;
  • waist - stress and loss of strength;
  • whole body - minor troubles;
  • neck - successful implementation of ongoing projects.
    What were your actions in a dream?
  • You saw your mother who lost weight in a wedding dress - this mutual love;
  • To look at your body that lost weight in the mirror - promises travel;
  • To see oneself thin and angry - means communicating with an unpleasant person.
    Here are Top-3 negative interpretations of weight loss in a dream:
  • Talking with a grandfather who got very skinny in a dream predicts conflicts with older family members.
  • Meeting a school friend who has lost a lot of weight – is a sign of getting fired.
  • Fighting with a thin friend, who is actually plump – means betrayal by a loved one.
    Top-3 positive interpretations about losing weight:
  • Drinking coffee with a girlfriend who got thinner – promises a pleasant and useful acquaintance.
  • Losing a lot of weight in the abdomen – means a change in lifestyle.
  • To lose weight and put on new jeans – means establishing friendly relations with the manager.
Sergii Haranenko
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