Melting Snow Dream Meaning

Melted snow, appearing in a dream, predicts the "thawing" of feelings, a return of past passion, as well as a thaw in old relationships or the establishment of new ones. However, despite the seemingly positive interpretations, the dream books recommend not to forget the fact that the dream of slush under your feet can be interpreted somehow differently. Remember your feelings, decipher what small nuances you saw in a dream, and you will understand what this image promises.

Miller's dream book builds its interpretation of snow on the basis of associations. For example, if you dreamed that you were sweeping melted snow through the threshold of your house, this means that you are bored with the company of a person, your relationship with him has become obsolete, the psychologist is sure.

Do you see in a dream how a ball of snow melts in your hands? This vision predicts reconciliation with someone who was angry or offended at you. By your actions, you will be able to “melt” the ice in his heart.

Explaining why the dirty melted snow appears in a dream under your feet, the dream book claims that such a dream means revealing an old secret that does no honor to the dreamer, revealing his/her secret (negative) side.

A Modern dream book, explaining why melted snow with water is seen in a dream, suggests that the dreamer, upon waking up, should pay attention to his own mood. If you want to get what you want you should believe in yourself.

The interpretation of a dream in which you see yourself walking on melted snow with water, while wetting your feet, hints that it is time to think about the correctness and expediency of your actions. You should stop and rethink the situation, the dream books advise.

Those girls who, in a dream, happened to walk through the melted snow, but stay dry at the same time, can rejoice. This means that soon you will be able to achieve reciprocity from the guy you like.

And if you dreamed that you were walking through the snowdrifts that melt under your feet, this is a sign of the return of love and tender feelings. Although, interpreting why such a plot is seen in a dream, one should remember about one's emotions.

If the dreamed melting of snow banks caused you joy and fun, this means that the old feelings will bring many happy minutes, returning. But getting angry in a dream about this is a sign that you will be strained by the revived relationship, Medea's dream book upsets.

What does it mean if you dreamed of melting snow outside the window on your windowsill? This is a signal that the right moment has come, when you have a chance to either correct the situation or turn it in the direction you need. In any case, do not miss this opportunity, the Gypsy Dream Book advises.

    You should not forget one more detail seen in a dream, deciphering the image of melted snow: what you were wearing as you wandered around it. Here are the explanations given by dream books:
  • in rubber boots - you have taken all measures to protect yourself from negativity;
  • in felt boots - do not overplay with feelings, insincerity will not lead to good;
  • in mid-season boots - get ready for resistance;
  • in summer shoes - you are too reckless, you need to get a little more serious;
  • if you walked barefoot - take risks only when you have "paths of retreat".
Sergii Haranenko
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