Mouse Dream Meaning

    Different dreambooks give various interpretations of dreams about mice:
  • Miller - troubles because of the dishonesty of your colleagues.
  • Tsvetkov - loss of a relative or rupture of relationships.
  • Vanga - difficult times.
  • Freud - development of relationships with children.
  • Gypsy’s dreambook - minor failures.
  • Islamic dreambook - threat to your health.
  • Islamic women’s dreambook - to someone's dirty tricks in everyday life.

Some interpretations claim that the little mouse in the dream symbolizes the damage that these creatures can actually cause, as well as all sorts of minor mischief. At the same time, the dream book takes into account such qualities as agility and resourcefulness.

Gray and inconspicuous mice reflect the dreamer's subconscious desire to hide away. Those mice that have reached unprecedented size testify to the fear of the enemy, which in fact may not be so strong and dangerous. Deliberately small mice indicate excessive self-confidence and pride of the dreamer.

According to Miller’s dreambook, a mouse is often a precursor of family quarrels. What you see in a dream confirms a woman’s suspicion that she has a rival. Touching an animal threatens the dreamer with a major scandal.

The white mouse is considered a favorable symbol, indicating a positive mood of the dreamer. He is full of optimism, narcissism, confidence in himself and his abilities.

The gray mouse reflects the inner state of the dreamer himself. Most likely, he feels homely and slightly discouraged in the surrounding world. Such image in a dream often reflects the desire to escape from problems, instead of solving them.

Dream interpretation considers black mice harbingers of unpleasant surprises.

Vanga interprets dreaming of mice as a serious threat to material wealth. If you had a dream about mice eating furniture in an apartment or the house, the family will have problems. If the mice have tipped paper money into dust, then the general financial crisis will affect the dreamer.

Although the rodents in the dream embody the image of intruders, sometimes a man is his own enemy. If you discovered a flock of mice running in the basement or under the roof, this image personifies the extravagance, which inevitably leads to debt. It is necessary to reduce your costs, and it is better to give up spontaneous purchases once and for all.

If a woman shakes it off her dress in horror, she will soon become the victim of scandal. If the mouse is entangled in her hair, it means the inevitable trouble.

Catching and killing a petty mouse means that you will be able to take over in the coming the conflict. However, if you caught it, but it still ran away, the dream book predicts defeat.

    The dreambooks give short interpretations of different ways of killing mice:
  • Strangle - press the enemy to the wall.
  • Crush - make trouble.
  • Destroy by catching it in a mousetrap - get ahead of the enemy.
  • See how the cat attacked and ate it - to get secrets.
  • The cat brought a dead mouse - to prepare for danger.
  • Only the tail is left from the whole body - to survive the black stripe.
  • After the cat's meal, there are two ears left - to have an affair.
  • To drown newborn mice– learn about a rival.

Explaining the image of cat and the mouse, the dreambook reminds that both symbols personify the cunning of enemies and the betrayal of loved ones. However, it is hoped that by interacting, they neutralize each other.

As interpreted by the Wanderer’s dreambook, if a cat is chasing a mouse in a dream, it looks like someone in your team has decided to play against the rules. That is, to grossly violate all agreements on cooperation and mutual assistance.

All that dreams of a cat catching a mouse indicate that confusion and chaos reign in the affairs of the dreamer. A lot of unfinished tasks, postponed until later, and awareness of the current state of affairs leaves much to be desired.

If a cat catches a mouse in a dream, a Jewish dreambook gives a wise advice: let the events develop on their own, do not interfere in anything and quietly observe how your competitors destroy each other.

When a cat ate a mouse in a dream, the Modern dreambook states that control over the situation has long been lost, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to correct anything.

The dream, in which you happened to catch a mouse shows a real hunter and a gambler in one person. If you managed to catch a mouse in a dream, it means that in real life you can take over your rivals or take revenge for past offenses. Some dreambooks promise the birth of twins for a woman.

When you dreamed of being bitten by a mouse, extreme caution should be taken: no one knows where the danger lurks. Often it is in the very place that you thought was the most secure.

Esoteric dreambook warns that a dead mouse in a dream is a bad sign. It is possible that someone is trying to affect you energetically clearly with bad intentions. Often a dead mouse in a dream warns a dreaming girl that her lover has another woman who is a serious competitor.

In the case when a mouse running past stole a cracker, a person receives a warning about road adventures; if it took a bagel – you will experience awkwardness on a date.

In the East, it is believed that mice eat away health, if they gnaw something in the house - it does not matter if it concerns products or damaged things. If they ate something and ran away - the damage will be minimal. If you had to chase them away – it is a sign of infirmary in the house.

If the person himself gave food to a mouse, then he definitely will not regret it. His good will turn into someone's support in reality. Of course, some difficulties will precede this, but they will leave, but reliable friends will remain.

Seeing white pet mice in a cage is a positive sign meaning that the dreamer will be able to solve the problems. But if they run away, beware of a stab in the back.

The mouse personifies the worst traits of character: cowardice and pettiness. Petting a pet in a dream means indulging one's weaknesses.

If the female mouse gave birth and you hear the loud squeak of a brood, it means the same as receiving a signal about a hidden threat.

To dream of a small vole — a brown mouse with a black stripe along its back — is a great success, especially for young ladies. Dreambooks believe that the dream is predicting a meeting with the second half. The huge, fat vole is the personification of a chance to connect fate with a wealthy gentleman.

If a mouse ran across your clean bed, this symbol means that your reputation is in danger.

Sergii Haranenko
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