Gray Color Dream Meaning

To see a gray animal or gray item in a dream is a sign of hypocrisy of friends, fatigue, bad mood, and sometimes disappointment. Despite the fact that dreambooks give pessimistic forecasts, silvery shades can symbolize efficiency, stability, purposefulness. Calm and cool shades of gray seen in a dream are explained by thoughtfulness, high spirituality of the dreamer.

According to Miller, if you saw an item of gray color in a dream, it is time to have a rest. The body indicated that tiredness has come, from which you need to urgently get rid of. To see in a dream living creatures of a neutral gray color means emotional distress, depression.

    Miller interprets the usual gray things and animals the following way:
  • gray clothes - frustration, mood swings, passivity;
  • gray car - a stable income, loyal partners;
  • gray wolf or dog - an increase of your spirituality;
  • a gray cat or a kitten - hypocritical, insidious friends.

To see a gray suit or dress in a dream means longing for the past times. Psychologists recommend not letting melancholy into life, if you dreamed that you were trying on or buying gray clothes. Dreaming means that you have no strength left to fight and you are ready to surrender.

Neutral gray suits, fur coats and dresses also predict stagnation of projects, unwillingness to promote affairs, desire to live in peace. Nostradamus dreambook recommends collecting your strength and bringing some variety into your life.

A dream of a gray car is interpreted by Nostradamus from the point of rationalism. It turns out that the calmer and more inconspicuous your life, the greater the chances of avoiding the envy of detractors. Dream means steady income, wealth, and regular wages.

If you dreamed of noble animals of gray color: a dog and a wolf, it means that the dreamer comes to life impeccably, respects the laws. To see them in a dream promises successful completion of study, obtaining a certificate, meeting with influential people and employment.

A smoky kitten in a dream can be seen by people who have a bad luck streak. A small kitten symbolizes frustration in friends and partners. It is even worse if you dreamed that the kitten bit or scratched you. Vanga’s dreambook recommends not trusting your secrets to unfamiliar people.

Adult gray cat on your hands warns about the hypocrisy of others. Try not to let third parties into your private life - there is a risk of losing your loved one, being left without profit, shelter. The interpretation of the dream in such cases is reduced to a warning against rash acts.

Sergii Haranenko

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