Naked Deadman Dream Meaning

Different dreambooks give various interpretations of dreams about naked deceased people. But one thought can be traced in all of them: the nakedness of the deceased indicates that his spirit has freed itself from its previous earthly attachments and has found peace.

In Miller’s dreambook, a naked dead man is interpreted as a harbinger of loss and bad luck. The negative meaning of the symbol is enhanced if he lies on the floor of the dreamer’s house without any funeral attributes.

Other dreambooks offer different interpretations of naked dead men or women. Remember if a night visitor said something - his words should be interpreted literally. If you dreamed how the deceased appeared naked in front of you and at did not utter a word, this is a good sign, a messenger of positive changes.

If the naked deceased man took the dreamer’s hand, this is a sign of big danger, but there is still a chance to avoid it. If the one whom you saw in a dream was a best friend or sworn enemy in life, this is a direct warning.

You should not be scared if you recognized yourself in a naked deadman on the floor. The trouble does not threaten you, but the probability of financial problems is very high.

Seeing your deceased husband naked and smiling in a dream means that he attained bliss, and he only kept fond memories of his life. A dream about naked husband lying under the bright sun has the same interpretation.

If your alive husband was seen as naked deadman in a dream, this plot promises him many years of welfare.

    When deceased parents appear naked in a dream, the dreambook is encouraging that this symbol indicates that they have achieved harmony and are free from earthly bonds. A more detailed interpretation depends on the person seen in the dream: father or mother:
  • The father often symbolizes a call for determination, action;
  • If your father was seen naked in a dream, beware of intrigue and deception in the near future;
  • Mother personifies health care; you can see her naked in a dream when something hurts;
  • If you saw a dream about deceased mother, now is the time to change something in life.

The dream interpretation considers only bright dreams filled with emotions prophetic. If you can’t remember any details of what you see in a dream, most likely the image was seen before weather change.

Sometimes the naked deadman gains qualities that only alive people can have. Details of the surrealist story directly indicate what you are missing in real life. When a drunk naked deadman mentions or suggests certain objects, they serve as a direct or indirect clue. Such plot also shows that your longing for this person may increase.

If the naked deadman is sick, you may not have enough health or energy to carry out your plans. A sick person who has passed away visiting you in a dream lets you know that the situation is conducive to getting rid of the unnecessary.

If you saw a naked deceased person in a coffin, such dream foreshadows release from constraints and burdensome obligations. Luxurious atmosphere promises that you will not need anything.

When, during a rich funeral ceremony, the deceased is not in a coffin, but stands close by, and there are no clothes on him, such image promises an unexpected guest’s visit.

Sergii Haranenko
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