Number 2 Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of number two in dreams? According to the Alphabetical dreambook, number two means gossip in a dream.

The dream in which you see twins portends confidence in business, peace and harmony in the family.

A dream about two heads on your shoulders – predicts a rapid ascent through the ranks. Seeing someone else with two heads in a dream is a sign of well-being.

Dreaming about a horse with two legs – is a sign that you will be honored.

Seeing two moons in the sky at once means loss in love due to excessive commercialism.

If there are two hearths in the house in your dream - you will not achieve success in business.

Two horns growing in a dream – means competition in business.

If a person’s head is cut into two parts in a dream – this plot is a sign of happiness.

According to some dreambooks, number two is a dream signifying the balance of the energies of the universe, yin and yang. It speaks of the willingness to give up one's place. It appears when there is balance and union.

According to the Dream Interpretation Tutorial, a two/deuce in a dream portends someone's help to you or indicates the need to seek it. Sometimes it warns against indecision, duality in business.

Dream about number two also represents duality, doubling (of problems, conflicts), binarity, ambivalence, two sides, two parts of something, the Psychoanalytic dream book says.

It also symbolizes the feminine and masculine, a couple and thus the harmony of heterosexual relationships; it means choice and often conflict between two people; internal splitting, two different views of the world, two positions in relation to something.

Number two in dreams also represents the conscious and unconscious, two halves of life, half of the journey.

Did you dream about number two in an address? If in a dream you hear a voice pronouncing the address, which consists of only twos, this means you will find out about the betrayal of a loved one in reality. The more twos in the address, the more painful it will be for you.

However, pay attention to the voice - if it is quiet and weak, this means you will only suffer for 2 months, after which you will either cool off towards the traitor, or receive information clarifying the reasons that made the traitor act so ugly with you. If the voice is loud, this means that during this period of time you will simply be able to pull yourself together and not show the traitor that you are still in pain.

If the voice places special emphasis on the number "2" or other numbers, the sum of the digits of which is equal to two, this means your suffering will be useful to you to some extent: you will be able to take a fresh look at others and reconsider your attitude towards them. Perhaps you underestimate someone.

A clear pronunciation indicates that you are strong enough to withstand a period of bad luck, and a lisping or shrill voice indicates that you must abandon old ideas and take up a new business. Do not be afraid, in two years you will perceive this difficult period of your life as cleansing from the husk and debris.

Writing down someone's address in a dream and diligently displaying the number "2" - expect bad news from your relatives, perhaps in two weeks you will have to take care of the health of some of your aunts or help your uncle with money.

If you also diligently display other numbers, the numbers of which add up to two, this means the problems will be on the part of your children or pets, and you will have to solve them in the company of a loved one whom you trust completely.

Seeing in a dream an address in which the numbers “2”, “11”, “20”, “56” and others stand out, the sum of the digits of which is two, written in illegible handwriting on a piece of paper, means that in 11 days you will be called to your superiors for a serious conversation.

To see in a dream the text of an address printed on a typewriter or on a computer means future pleasant chores and valuable acquisitions. If you see special marks on the numbers "2", for example, scratches, blots or strokes, this warns you that you can carelessly spend all your savings on pleasures, and at the moment when you need the amount for business needs, you will have nothing. Try not to succumb to temptations and temptations for 2 weeks.

A dream about looking for a house with the number "2", "11", "200", "110" and other similar ones, the numbers of which give a two, and not finding it means your inability to cope with your housing problems in reality. If in a dream you still come to the house you need, this is a sign that in two years you will have your own apartment. If you still do not find anything, your problem will remain pending for a long time.

To be in a dream on a street where all the houses have the same number "2" – in reality you will receive an interesting message that will give impetus to your thoughts and fantasies, and you will do something out of the ordinary. It can be an invention, a recipe for a new dish, or a model of a nine-story building; in any case, in two years you will become famous in your field and earn the respect of specialists.

Sergii Haranenko
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