Oranges Dream Meaning

What is the oranges dream meaning and symbolism? Dream of oranges usually means new perspective at work or improvement of your financial situation. Besides that, dreaming of orange trees predicts strong health.

A dream about oranges usually represents the development of romantic relations, stable financial situation and pleasant surprises. But if oranges looked so good that it was impossible not to taste them or, on the contrary, look quite not fresh, the dreambooks are warning you about possible complications. According to Islamic dreambook, oranges or tangerines predict the person strong health. Miller states that if you see a dream about oranges you will be surrounded by friendly people. As for Erotic dreambook, an orange symbolizes the right choice of a partner and that your relations will lead to marriage.

Dr. Freud considered oranges a sign of seduction with sensible pleasures, reflecting erotic fantasies of the dreamer, devoted to a definite person with whom you still have no courage to get acquainted. Your dreams can lead you far in your sexual fantasies; it is time to sort out your wishes.

It also matters how many oranges you saw in your dream. One orange represents an interesting piece of news; many oranges symbolize your wish for long-distance travel and a chance to fulfill it. If you see a dream about one slice of orange, life will punish you for your uncertainty the next day. One orange on a big plate represents pleasant chores that will be not in vain. A tree full of ripe oranges promises a happy marriage life. If there are a lot of fruits and they are packed in boxes, the dream symbolizes that your financial situation will be improving slowly but gradually.

Ripe or overripe fruits promise the fulfillment of your dreams. Rotten fruits predict problems with health of someone from your family. One spoiled fruit predicts troubles in the situation they could have been avoided; a lot of them – unpleasant news. Rotten oranges falling from a tree may predict break up with your partner.

If you were gathering oranges from the trees in your dream, it is a sign that happiness is very close, you just need to stretch out your hand. If the woman was trying to pick up the fruit from the top of the tree, this shows that she is picky choosing a partner and is not in a hurry to get married.

It is considered that gathering oranges promises love adventure; selling them – useful acquaintance; buying them – winning or a fiancée with fortune. If you bought oranges because your wife asked you to and then watched her eat them, the problems that were interfering with your business will be solved without you; you will even have profits higher than expected. Miller’s dreambook considers that eating an orange brings either health or business problems. However if they tasted good, you will be lucky and the troubles will finish fast.

    What kind of oranges did you see in a dream?
  • large oranges - mean success in creativity;
  • rotten oranges - warn about the emergence of difficulties;
  • dream of peeled oranges - predicts unfair accusations.
    What were you doing with the oranges in a dream?
  • if you give oranges to your ex-husband - this dream means the division of property;
  • dream of eating an orange - symbolizes well-deserved respect;
  • buying oranges in a dream - may mean winning the lottery;
  • gathering oranges - means the wages increase;
  • dream of peeling oranges - represents fatigue from everyday problems;
  • making orange juice and drinking it - means achieving the goal quickly.

If you dreamed about oranges on the table, this image may symbolize praise from your boss. Dreaming about an orange tree with many fruits on it promises luck in your endeavors.

    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about oranges?
  • Oranges on the ground in a dream speak of exacerbation of a chronic disease.
  • Holding oranges in one's hands - may mean grief and tears.
  • Juggling oranges in a dream mean waste of time.
  • Dropping them on the floor means parting with your loved one.
  • If you dreamed that someone was stealing oranges, this is a sign of bad luck.
    Here is the list of Top-5 positive meanings of oranges in dreams:
  • Sweet oranges in a dream speak of a pleasant surprise.
  • Cutting them - means victory in the competition.
  • Seeing someone decorate a cake with oranges promises an invitation to a gala event.
  • Dreaming of oranges in boxes - means the purchase of real estate.
  • Dream about oranges in the refrigerator - means good investment of personal funds.

If you were choosing oranges in a dream, this plot symbolizes doubts about the decision you've taken. A dream about throwing away rotten oranges represents a chance to avoid some danger. If the oranges in your dream were too small, they may be a symbol of tears.

Sergii Haranenko
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