Painting Dream Meaning

Painting is art for the elite. Pictures can speak, but not many people can hear them. But for those lucky ones who understand the language of fine art, they will reveal all the secrets encrypted on the canvases by the artists. Paintings can delight, can cause bewilderment and dislike, and can also come to us in a dream. Why does someone dream, for example, about a "Girl on a ball" or "Mona Lisa"? What does the "Ninth Wave" or "Babylonian Harlot" prophecy? Does the painting the "Unequal Marriage" foreshadow any inconsistencies in family life? There are answers to all these questions, and they are stored in the dream book.

If you dreamed that you were drawing still life on the wall - the interpretation of the dream is as follows: you are very passionate about something and do things without thinking them over properly. You should pause and think about whether you are doing everything right, Miller's dream book recommends.

To see in a dream how your marriage partner draws or hangs a sketch depicting a landscape on the wall is a sign of lies and insincerity, and there is also high probability that treason has entered your family life, Tsvetkov's dream book warns.

A picture painted in the style of pastoral, seen in a dream - predicts an easy and pleasant walk with a person you like.

If dreamed that you prepared a living picture of flowers and butterflies as a gift for someone – this image in a dream predicts fun and good luck.

If you dreamed of a picture on a biblical plot hanging on the living room wall – this plot predicts the arrival of unexpected guests, Miller's dream book warns. If the painting plot is calm and peaceful - the guests will bring you joy; the crucifixion of Christ or the beating of someone is depicted - expect nothing more except vanity and trouble.

The dream in which you look at the old frescoes predicts the renewal of old ties and contacts.

If you dreamed of a reproduction of the icon of Andrei Rublev – this means that in real life you did a bad deed, and now you suffer from this - Tsvetkov's dream book interprets.

What does it mean if you dream about paintings with battles? If you have a dream that you have received a canvas depicting military battles as a gift - in reality you will have a "war" with envious people who weave intrigues against you and spread gossip, Miller's dream book predicts.

A dream about painting a picture where the main characters are soldiers predicts promotion.

If you dreamed of a picture of the famous marine painter Aivazovsky or any other depicting a raging sea - the Eastern dream book gives this interpretation: your goals and plans are not honest and unprincipled, you are trying to appropriate what does not belong to you. Your subconscious mind is opposed, so you have such dreams.

If you dream that you have been sent as a gift a living picture, which depicts an abstraction in flowers, this means you are standing at the crossroads of life. You have a difficult choice to make, and you are afraid to make mistakes. The Islamic dream book invites you to remember which flowers prevailed in the picture: if it was light ones, the actions are correct, do as you decide. Dark flowers mean you should take your time and think again.

If you dreamed of a painting depicting a surreal plot, something from Salvador Dali, for example, - this means someone is trying to deceive you, the dream book warns. Most likely it is one of your colleagues.

Dreaming that you are looking at the exhibits hanging on the wall in an art gallery – is a sign that in real life you are worried that you are not doing the endeavor that is yours.

To dream that one of the paintings presented for the show at the exhibition fell from the wall – means you will receive some important news. If the picture remains safe and sound - the news will be good, if it is broken or torn - the news will not please you.

Being the owner of an art gallery or the leading artist of the vernissage in a dream predicts luck and financial stability.

What are the real-life omens and signs about paintings and drawings?

If in a dream you see a panel that you like, big changes will take place in your life. You will be able to overcome the difficulties that arise in communicating with your loved one, and your sex life will become very bright and interesting.

An expensive, antique wall panel - means you are destined for a luxurious, prosperous life. Sewing a panel yourself in a dream is a sign of a profitable marriage to a rich man.

Sergii Haranenko
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