Patty Dream Meaning

Dreaming about patties predicts promotion at work, pleasant pastime and unexpected offer. A dream about a plate full of pies promises good profit from a commercial deal or the appearance of a new source of income.

    What were the patties like in your dream?
  • delicious patties - good news;
  • burnt pies - possible quarrels and disagreements with a partner due to past grievances;
  • sweet pies - reconciliation with a loved one;
  • raw patties - a dream indicates some unfinished business;
  • fried patty - a dream symbolizes generosity and friendliness;
  • baked patties - others enjoy the softness of the dreamer;
  • fresh pies - the diligence and responsibility of the sleeper will soon be rewarded.
    What was the filling of patties in your dream?
  • pies with meat - good luck at work and in business;
  • patties with potatoes - material well-being;
  • patty with cabbage - getting acquainted with a poor and insolvent person;
  • patties with jam - success in love affairs;
  • stuffed patties - a fun trip;
  • pie with a liver - a change for the better;
  • pie with cherries - problems in personal life;
  • patty with apples - a possible deception;
  • pie with cottage cheese - health improving;
  • patty with onion - sign of wealth.
    What were you doing with pies in your dream?
  • cooking pies - a difficult situation;
  • sculpting patties - an unexpected material find;
  • buying patties - a trip to relatives;
  • selling pies - unforeseen expenses related to the health of a loved one;
  • choosing pies in a dream - you will have to arrange a celebration;
  • frying patties - a quarrel with neighbors;
  • seeing someone frying patties - witnessing the defiant behavior of a colleague or friend;
  • eating pies - a serious conflict with loved ones;
  • baking a pie - great shocks;
  • treating someone with pies - trying to establish relations with business partners;
  • handing out pies - participating in charity;
  • baking a pie according to the recipe - new hobbies.

Seeing many pies in a dream may be a sign of serious troubles.

Patties on a frying pan predict buying an expensive and valuable thing. Dreaming about pies on the table is a symbol of positive changes in financial sphere.

Eating pies in a dream and drinking tea – symbolizes a mistake of your competitors.

If you dream that something inedible has come across in a pie, in reality, someone from your inner circle wishes you harm.

If a young girl dreamed about how she cooks pies, in reality she will begin to date guys without any feelings for them.

    What are the Top-5 adverse patty dream meanings?
  • Fry lush patties - unforeseen waste of money.
  • Cooking pastries in a canteen or restaurant - in reality, you will be dissatisfied with your financial situation and position.
  • Trying poor quality pies - trouble at work, deprivation of a bonus or a decrease in salary.
  • Buying apple pies in the bakery - a scandal or a fight.
  • Berry patties - the risk of being in a humiliating situation.
    Here are the Top-5 auspicious dreams about pies:
  • Buying pies in the market predicts replenishment in the family.
  • Frying potato patties - praise from superiors and recognition from colleagues.
  • Throwing away tasteless pies - the imminent arrival of long-awaited guests.
  • Kneading the dough and baking pies means pleasant pastime.
  • Treating children with pies means a dream come true.
Sergii Haranenko
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