Cabbage Dream Meaning

Dream Interpretations endow this plant with symbols of fertility and prosperity. But, if you look at the meaning of this vegetable in a dream, it turns out that the decryption is very various.

Holding cabbage in a dream is a good sign. The elastic and strong head of cabbage personifies the mood in the house, strong family ties, the prospects of any undertakings. If older people dream of cabbage - they can safely be proud of their life's achievements. Most likely, such a person is honored by grandchildren and extolled in certain circles.

For women this dream promises a spouse with “golden” hands and smart kids. If a cabbage appears in a dream of a married woman, she will rejoice at the success of her husband.

The pregnant woman will have to find an intelligent doctor and easily resolve the burden. The interpretation of a plot for a man promises a good job offer, which you can safely agree to.

To chop cabbage thin and in a beautiful way in a dream - this means to save money. And to cut huge uneven pieces – means wasting, easily relate to money, not counting the costs.

If you would dream of an ordinary white cabbage, grown in a pot on the windowsill - the sleeping person is lucky. There is a chance to win the lottery or accidentally find a considerable amount on the street. Seeing sluggish, growing indoors head of cabbage - to a stable, but labored prosperity.

If you fed your boss with cabbage salad - you will ask for a raise in salary in connection with the improvement of your professional level.

According to Miller’s dream book, cabbage will add courage, bringing closer the solution of issues hanging in the air. Those in conflict with their families are advised to step over their pride and be the first to reconcile.

Miller notes: the barely-born sprouts of cabbage in a dream indicate that you are moving in the right direction. If you have thoughts about your own business - do not waste your time, start developing it right now. To see gnawed cabbage with traces of teeth - to the betrayal of a friend, loss of trust.

Cooking cabbage with potatoes – means to patronize someone, give a recommendation. The dreamer is respected and even able to change things with one phrase.

Vanga’s dream interpretation gives the cabbage a magical meaning. Having seen it in a dream, a person will certainly become happy and prosperous.

Carefully dividing cabbage into leaves means to build Napoleonic plans, feel confident, invincible. Applied compresses to the body – you will recover from a boring illness soon and feel significant improvement. Finding a baby inside – means receiving news about conception. Your close friends or neighbors will become parents.

Freud's dream book offers a very interesting interpretation. Why do men dream of cabbage? The sleeping man has doubts about the choice of his life partner - the lady is not liberated enough and loving for her temperamental boyfriend.

For a girl the dream hints at excessive sexuality and frankness. To become desirable and sought-after among potential admirers, it is not necessary to show your merits so openly. If a young woman in a dream chopped cabbage - in reality she will flirt with a young, inexperienced guy and start a passionate romance.

    The dreambooks pay attention to the cabbage type:
  • White kale – procreation;
  • Green cabbage – progress in business;
  • Red kale – useful surrounding;
  • Blue cabbage – financial issues.

Stealing cabbage in a dream is a sign of sorrows and regrets. This can also symbolize your remorse of a mistake you made.

Large, incredibly huge cabbage in a dream predicts arrival of relatives. Hacked in half threatens of discord and a fight.

The Russian dream book describes cabbage, beets and carrots, seen together in one plate, as a prophecy of coming profit, obtained by diligence and honest work. Chopping it finely, according to Loff - means to seek support from people with material wealth.

What is the meaning of a dream of choosing cabbage on the market, in a store? To see a discount means to make a mistake in a person, ascribing to him qualities that he does not possess. To buy a lot of cabbage - think about the future, be thrifty, practical. If they gave it for nothing – you will pay off your debts, take off the obligation.

Dreaming about broccoli may indicate a desire to improve your diet or take better care of your health. Alternatively, it could represent a sense of satisfaction with your current healthy habits. Dream about broccoli may symbolize growth, development, or progress in some area of your life. It could also suggest that you need to cultivate or nurture certain aspects of your life.

Sergii Haranenko
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