Potato Dream Meaning

Potatoes are popularly considered the "second bread", which is not surprising, because it is affordable and nutritious. If you saw this tuber in a dream, you should know that hard times are coming. But, do not think that the dream book always gives a negative explanation for potato seen in a dream. There are also directly opposite descriptions of what this vegetable means in dreams. Remember all the details of what you saw, and you will surely be able to know your future very accurately.

Seeing in a dream how you are cooking potato dishes is a good sign. For example, boiling pre-peeled potatoes predicts the visit of guests. Moreover, Aesop's dream book claims that these guests will arrive from afar. Show cordiality, meet them with a richly set table and kind words.

If you dreamed about baked potatoes, this means luck will accompany absolutely all your endeavors. Use the opportunities that have appeared to the maximum: make money, start a family, or get the profession that you have always dreamed of. You can handle any business now.

If you dream of fried potatoes, this image means that an important event will happen in real life. The Modern dream book advises preparing mentally for it in advance. Seeing boiled potatoes in a dream is a symbol of profit and good relations with your relatives and friends.

Cutting tubers into small pieces in a dream before using them in the cooking process means that you have to work hard enough in order to achieve what you dream of.

The Modern dream book is convinced that buying potatoes in a dream means a big find. If the vegetables you saw in a dream were large and fresh, then the found thing will bring many benefits. The exact opposite explains why spoiled and sprouted potatoes appear in your dream.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina believes that buying a lot of nice potatoes in the night vision means solid profit. This may include receiving an unexpected prize, inheritance and a big win in the lottery.

An explanation that predicts a similar plot is given by Vanga's dream book. The soothsayer promises the dreamer who buys potatoes the fulfillment of all his desires. And this will happen in the very near future.

Seeing in a dream how you plant potatoes means that in reality all things will be arranged the best way. Circumstances will develop in such a way that you will be able to achieve your goal both in business and in your personal life.

Shereminskaya also explains in detail why one dreams of planting potatoes in the ground in one’s garden. The dream book of Shereminskaya is convinced that the dream predicts an extremely favorable offer. Throw away fears, and feel free to get involved in business. You will definitely succeed.

Digging large potatoes out of the ground in a dream predicts an increase in wages. You don't even have to fight for that promotion. The boss will decide to stimulate you for even greater career achievements this way.

The Universal dream book believes that gathering potatoes in a dream is actually a sign of well-deserved profit. You've done a great job and it's time to harvest.

If you dream that you are digging the patches and picking large and smooth vegetables from the ground, get ready to experience success in absolutely any undertaking.

Seeing how you are sorting potatoes in a dream is a good sign. This means you will receive a lot of lucrative offers in real life, you just have to choose the most suitable and interesting ones.

The Modern dream book believes that gathering potatoes into a sack in a dream means receiving marriage proposal. If the vegetables were large, this means the future spouse will improve your life for the better.

If you dream that most of the potatoes being sorted out are rotten or spoiled, this means your plan will not come true. But nevertheless, Aesop's dream book claims that if you get down to business not now, but several months after the dream, then everything will certainly work out.

Another explanation for a dream about potatoes with sprouts is the coming sadness and empty chores.

Peeling potatoes in a dream means that you will try to get to the bottom of the truth, but this will not work. Another way to explain why you dream of peeling it means changing your opinion about a person. If you thought of a certain citizen exceptionally well, then a number of events will force you change your mind for the worse.

The Universal dream book believes that peeled potatoes can predict material difficulties.

If you dreamed that you had to steal potatoes, this means the situation will force you appropriate something else for yourself in reality. Try returning back what you took as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will face serious difficulties.

Eating young raw potatoes in a dream - means discovering new sources of income. At first they will bring insignificant profit, but there will be more and more money over time.

If you dreamed about a flowering potato bush, this means you will go on a romantic date soon. If it grows in your garden in a dream, this means an easy adultery will develop into a serious and long-term relationship.

Sergii Haranenko
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