Piggy Bank Dream Meaning

A piggy bank in a dream is a reflection of the calmness and patience of a sleeping person, as well as a great life experience. Dream interpretation, explaining dreams about this subject, predicts great prospects in the work.

According to Miller, to see a full piggy bank means great prospects that will open to the dreamer. If you dreamed that the moneybox was empty, it means meager success, in exchange for tremendous work and dedication.

Dr. Freud compares the piggy bank with the female genitals. To see this object for a girl means the preservation of the virginity of a sleeping beauty, her unwillingness to “waste” herself on occasional intimate relationships, assuming the possibility of sex only in the case of large and mutual love.

    Explaining why a moneybox is dreaming, dream books pay attention to its appearance. So, to see this item in a dream in the form of:
  • Pig – symbolizes carelessness in relation to money;
  • Mushroom – talks about skillful money operation and profit growth;
  • Cartoons hero – you need to be patient to fulfill your plans;
  • Predator or reptile – speaks of false life priorities.

Being the owner of a pig piggybank in a dream speaks of the dreamer's conceit and inability to manage money. Breaking it ahead of time predicts exorbitant waste. As for women, the dreamed plot warns them against spontaneous purchases, which will emerge completely unnecessary.

A new piggy bank is compared with the ability to fulfill your dreams. Perhaps the dreamer is afraid to embody the original idea. The dreambook advises discarding doubts and engaging in the implementation of your plans.

To give a piggy bank full of money to the poor, people in need in a dream, foreshadows a great happiness by the Universal Dream Book and the fulfillment of a cherished dream.

If a young woman got a new moneybox, she will get acquainted with an interesting young man. A piggybank filled with small coins, notifies the dreamer about excessive pickiness and pettiness.

Men who have thrown coins in the piggy bank are warned of excessive stinginess. Moreover, the dreamer doesn’t give the family not only finances, but also his personal time, Esoteric say.

Quite the opposite interpretation of the dream is given by a Modern combined dream book, believing that a big deal should start small. Try not to publicize your ideas; otherwise people around you will only get you off the intended path, which will significantly slow down your progress.

If you saw that there are not enough coins in the piggy bank, it means that in order to implement your plans, you need to gain experience. Putting money there speaks of the need to be patient, because your ideas will not pay off immediately. To get coins from it in a dream promises the opportunity to use the accumulated knowledge in practice.

Sergii Haranenko
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