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Interpretation of a dream about genitals

Genitals seen in a dream reflect the attitude of the person to the intimate sphere of life. The dreambooks connect such dreams with nuances of self-perception, finding the personal “self” and its realization. According to Miller, genitals seen in a dream will let you show some abilities in real life that will surprise people around you. Erotic dreambooks consider that vagina in a dream symbolizes natural creative and constructive power. This plot also indicates your search for something new because the current situation and people around so not bring you necessary satisfaction.

If a man sees vagina in his dream, this is a promise of support of a powerful person or an interesting business offer. Dreams about vagina promise new sexual relations for women. To see a vagina covered with hair will bring the dreamer offences and humiliation. If a man sees woman’s vagina in a dream and a woman sees men’s genitals, this can indicate difficulties with intimate sphere, either with health in this sphere or psychological dissatisfaction.

If a woman sees that she has a penis grown-up at her body, she will manage to get pregnant soon. This dream means easy labor for women who are already pregnant. A dream where a young woman has a penis can also be interpreted as her dissatisfaction with her current partner and she might have bisexual inclinations. If a woman was touching man’s penis in a dream, she will have undesirable intimate relations. The same meaning has a dream where man was kissing woman’s genitals.

If the genitals you saw in your dream, either man’s or woman’s had unusual or interesting shape, this dream means you will soon have new intimate relations, even if you have a couple or spouse. A dream where you were showing your genitals to people, with whom you never even thought of intimate relations, predicts that you can be publicly shamed and humiliated soon. A very small man’s or woman’s genitals reflect the shyness of the dreamer. This constraint makes the person’s intimate relations much more difficult.

A man who was comparing his penis to another man’s genitals in a dream, should be expecting cruel rivalry in love. He thinks that women choose intimate partners by the size of penis only and this is his main mistake. The same meaning has a dream when a man sees his penis grow. If a woman was looking at her husband’s penis, she will soon decide to have a baby.

To shave genitals in a dream predicts failures in intimate sphere. A dream about your genitals being too hairy promises stormy wild sex that will get your relations to new level. A man dreaming about a girl with penis should be prepared that his wife will be very authoritative. A dream about washing penis warns about sexually transmitted diseases. Washing vagina can symbolize that a woman is infertile. If the dreamer sees blood from vagina this means that infertility will be the result of abortion. Seeing a penis torn off in a dream predicts failure of an important venture. Erected penis symbolized something new and being prepared for it. If a young woman sees that her boyfriend doesn’t have genitals, the dream interpretation states that her partner will choose another woman and their relations will be finished soon.