Reflection Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you see someone’s reflection in a dream? The dream book interprets your own reflection in a dream ambiguously. If it is clear, it portends a change, an upcoming choice, a solution to problems. When someone else is reflected, this is a warning of adverse influence. Other details will help understand why the vision is seen.

Did you have a dream about your reflection looking the same as in reality? The dream book emphasizes: a person has found inner harmony, so he will overcome all the difficulties successfully.

Why do you dream about your image being younger or more beautiful than in reality? You evaluate yourself biased, exaggerating your dignity and beauty.

If you see your reflection of a completely different kind – this means changes are coming. What they will be like depends on the details seen in a dream.

When you dreamed about two reflections at once (in a three-piece mirror) - the dream book informs: the dreamer has two different options for solving the problem. This choice will determine how his fate will turn next.

Two displays of some objects or people in a dream make the meaning of the dream enhanced, but it should be interpreted in accordance with the details.

Your reflection in the water indicates that your plans are very fuzzy. You need to think your goals through so you know where to go next.

Did you have a dream about the reflection of the moon in the water? The dream book says: your expectations will not be met, because you are counting on a person who will let you down at the first opportunity. Also, the reflection of the disc of the moon on the water surface portends a new romantic passion, but the chosen one may disappoint you.

Why do you dream of seeing stars reflection in the water? A vision in a dream promises a person discovery in the field where he is most competent.

Also, to see the glitter of stars on the flat surface of a lake or other surface means the dreamer's desire to escape reality. However, the problems will not go away themselves, they will only grow.

The interpretation of a dream about a reflection can be as follows: to see yourself in a large, clear mirror – means you will soon be proud of your own success, for which you will receive well-deserved praise.

If it is cloudy, it is impossible to objectively assess the circumstances: something or someone prevents you from doing it. You need to find out why this is happening.

What is the meaning of a dream that you are looking in a mirror, but see no reflection there? The dream interpretation warns: this unfavorable sign personifies the loss of individuality. You should conduct an in-depth analysis of your inner world and aspirations.

To see another person’s reflection instead of oneself in a dream means complete submission to someone else's will, which has happened a long time ago.

The own display in the window personifies the desire of the dreamer to assess the situation from the outside.

Reflection in a window or glass in a dream informs about strong extraneous influence, which the sleeper may not even suspect about. Being reflected in the glass – means the dreamer chose not the best way to understand the situation.

Why is someone else's reflection seen in a dream? The dream book warns of the unfair actions of others in relation to the sleeping person.

Also, someone else's display is a signal of a bad influence on you from someone from the environment. Moreover, this is not necessarily the one whom you saw. You just need to take a closer look at your recent acquaintances.

    Remember the details of the reflection in the dream:
  • your own display - illness or failure is possible;
  • stranger’s, unfamiliar - unfavorable changes;
  • reflection of a face - receiving news from afar;
  • of an outstretched hand - help from where you did not expect;
  • body’s reflection - a disease is possible.

What is the meaning of seeing someone else reflected in the mirror? According to Miller, this means: he can use the dreamer for selfish purposes.

If you see a distortion of your image in the mirror, this is a sign of a fictitious fact about you.

Sergii Haranenko
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