Sail Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream of sail? This symbol portends in a dream changes in personal life, the fulfillment of desires, a romantic adventure, a successful course of affairs. But sometimes a sail becomes the forerunner of longing, fuss, vain dreams, even some kind of trouble - says a dream book.

If you had a dream like the sail was looming somewhere on the horizon, this is the personification of the collapse of the plans. There is no need to despair - there are still a lot of interesting things ahead.

In a dream, a boat with sail is seen far in the sea? The dream interpretation explains: the dreamer will be haunted by the longing that annoying life routine causes.

Why do you dream of raising sail on your boat and deftly steering it? This means you are not subject to external influence, you can resist it. If it was controlled by another person, it means that outsiders or circumstances influence you.

Did you have a dream about a lot of sailboats? There will be changes in the dreamer's personal life. Perhaps he will find his soul mate.

Sailing on the brigantine in a dream - in sunny weather, in calm water portends: it is a great time to implement your plans.

If your sailboat has overtaken other vessels, it means, according to the dream book that joy, a romantic adventure, a change of familiar atmosphere are coming.

To draw a ship or boat with a sail means: the sleeper dreams of distant wanderings, travels, romance.

Seeing a lonely white sail in a dream means: you have vain hopes, they will fail.

Did you have a dream of beautiful white sails? The dream book promises: current affairs will be successful, you will manage to carry out the intended.

    The interpretation of a dream takes into account the sail color:
  • white sail - even bold desires can come true;
  • yellow sail - life force, energy;
  • scarlet sail - you passionately desire something, but you should not forget about the consequences;
  • red sail - evidence of your activity;
  • black sail - risky adventures are coming.

Have you dreamed of a ship under black sails? In reality, expect trouble, one of the relatives may even die.

What is the meaning of a dream of a yacht over which red sails fluttered? The Dream Interpretation states: the sleeper is very initiative, but excessive zeal can be harmful.

A ship under red sails in a dream is interpreted for women very favorably. Of course, it promises a coming meeting with the man of her dreams.

Did you have a dream about a ship whose sails were raised? This is a symbol of victories over enemies. Adversaries will not be able to harm the dreamer, as he will show prudence and ingenuity.

Why one dreams of watching a sailing ship, beautifully going along the water surface? In reality, the dreamer is too tired of many things and everyday fuss.

Have you seen the sails hanging in a dream? This means: for the endeavor that you have conceived, the time has not come yet. It is better to postpone it for now.

Dirty or torn sail warns the dreamer: his plans or desires can be harmful, so it is advisable to reconsider or completely abandon them.

Why do you dream of seeing a sailboat sink? Dream Interpretation warns: there will be an unpleasant, complicated conversation with the management.

Did you see the sail burning in a dream? All your business undertakings will be futile and will not bring any profit.

Have you dreamed of a big sail filled with the wind? In reality there will come a favorable moment that cannot be missed. The time for success is coming.

Large sail full of wind, which allows the vessel glide easily along the waves, promises: fresh thoughts, inspiration will appear. You will appreciate the surrounding reality in a new way.

Sergii Haranenko
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