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Drowning Dream Meaning

Many people have experienced that feeling when you begin to lose control of yourself in the water and go to the bottom.

According to Women’s dreambook, if the dreamer drowned in the night plot, this image has negative interpretation warning about a possible accident. But if you finally managed to swim out, then the interpretation changes in a positive way - you will be promoted at work.

If you are currently on the crossroads and can not decide which goal to choose, there should be no doubts if you were sinking in the sea in a dream. This is a warning: if you don’t hurry, everything will be decided for you, and it’s not necessarily the right choice. Events are already out of control, you can not think for too long.

If you saw your ill-wishers or just unknown people sinking in dirt, you may not worry about your safety in all the spheres of your life: the enemies will not be able to hurt you anymore.

The majority of dreambooks give positive interpretation of drowning in river. If you are overwhelmed by the river wave, and you feel the water in your mouth, then in reality you may receive unexpected honors and glory. If you managed to get out of the river, then in addition to fame, you will also get wealth.

If an unknown person was drowning and you were hurrying up to help, this symbol means that happiness is already very close. If you managed to get the drowned person on the shore, this means you will have a chance to provide invaluable service to your friend.

If you saw a dream that someone drowned after a long jump with diving, this image is a reflection of your inner state. Esoteric dreambook recommends taking care of your health and watching your heart, there is a possibility of heart attack.

If a young woman barely managed to avoid drowning, this is a symbol of great success with the opposite sex.

The Old Grandmother’s dreambook predicts obstacles and problems on the way to your goal if you saw a dream about sinking. Plots where the dreamer drowned personify the internal complexes, experiences and discomfort caused by a lack of understanding of his actions by others.

If you happened to drown in a swamp, beware of people related to criminal world. All your possible reprehensible acts will be unfolded, and they will carry a danger of punishment.

If you were swimming and the water began to sink you in, then the dreambooks predict success.

If you saw your child drown in a dream, you should not be worried; he just needs your help and attention. Some dreambooks think that if you saw your son sinking in a dream, this means you have ill-wishers who envy you a lot. Seeing your daughter drown usually predicts success at work.

But if you saw a boy drown and lay at the bottom of a clean pond, then expect serious financial problems.

A woman seeing her husband drown should be ready for a period of problems both in love sphere and everyday life. If she didn’t see the body float up, the negative period will last for a while.

Seeing a woman drown in a dream is considered a positive sign. If you saw a dream about a person close to you sinking, this means you should be careful and not interfere in any conflicts.

Seeing a dream about a drowning car means there is no reason having plans at the moment: some circumstances will ruin all your plans.

A dream about ship sinking reflects your subconscious fears, and fear of traveling on the water surface.

The dreambooks predict a serious talk with your love or business partner if you saw a dog drown in a dream. Mostly probable you will not come to a mutual agreement.

Sergii Haranenko

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