Search Dream Meaning

A search in a dream warns of gross, unceremonious interference in the life of a sleeping person. Dreams of a search of personal belongings by the police speaks, according to the dream book, of unpleasant moments and humiliations that the dreamer will have to experience.

Miller's dream book, explaining why the search is seen in a dream, warns against rash actions that could cause a biased attitude of others. Seeing a mess in the apartment, done in a dream by people searching, means trouble in family affairs.

Did you have a dream that you could not find a folder or briefcase with important documents? Dream Interpretation of Miss Hasse advises to be careful in working moments. To see that someone is rummaging through your papers means that in reality an ardent ill-wisher is trying to harm you.

A search of an apartment in a dream, instigated by police officers, portends a serious risk of falling into an unpleasant situation. If you dreamed that they are looking for the thing you have hidden in the house, it means that the development of events can cause a huge social dissonance.

If you are examined, being a suspect in a theft that happened in a dream, it means that in reality, a very precarious situation will come on the work sphere. Most likely, the cause of all the troubles will be the anonymous report of one of the colleagues.

The dream of examining your personal belongings that happens in the dreamer's apartment announces possible problems with relatives of the older generation. Most likely, there will be a sharp deterioration in the well-being of relatives, the onset of the need for attention or basic necessities.

A Universal dream book predetermines a deplorable financial situation, explaining why one has a dream about searching someone. In reality, circumstances will force the sleeping person to look for work close to his heart, but by size of income.

Those who happened to see that witnesses are present in your house during a search, the interpreter predicts moral trauma, from which he will be recovering for a long time.

If you went into your home and noticed traces of the search, it means that in reality the danger does not come from inveterate enemies, but from your loved ones. The interpretation of a dream is connected with the rude intervention of others in your personal life, which greatly upsets and warns the dreamer.

    The Modern combined dream book takes into account the circumstances and details of the seen examination explaining the dream of a search. So:
  • to search someone else’s home - you will have to do hateful work in order to fix your finances;
  • trying to find weapons in a dream - warns of the insidious plan of opponents;
  • to be a witness during a search - portends a dangerous situation, because of which you will suffer;
  • inspecting someone else’s car - reflects intentions to influence the opinions of others.

The woman who is searched in a dream is prepared for scenes of lover's jealousy by the Lovers' dreambook. The interpreter advises to refrain from situations that would compromise you of something in the eyes of your soulmate.

A search of the dreamer's car portends the intentions of ill-wishers to disrupt the plans of the sleeping person. Esoterics advise to fulfill your plans quietly, without devoting anyone to the details of what was planned.

Sergii Haranenko
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