Apartment Dream Meaning

The apartment seen in a dream means pleasant news or changes. For a more specific interpretation of this dream image, one should recall the small details that were striking, aroused surprise or concern. It is important to recall the feelings and sensations that the dream caused - the emotional load of the dream will show how good or bad it will affect the future.

The new apartment in a dream is a symbol of financial changes that will lead to material independence. Also according to the dream book, this dream can mean the emergence of new love relationships that promise long relationship. An empty apartment denotes spiritual emptiness and loneliness, the desire to escape from routine.

According to the dream book, someone else's apartment symbolizes changes in life. Whether they are good or bad depends on what kind of emotional stress a given dream carries. If the room is bright, spacious, and causes a feeling of calm - a dream means success and good fortune in business, promotion at work, an interesting offer of cooperation, or a new profitable contract. If the apartments and the interior are gloomy, dark, and the dream causes a feeling of anxiety, this promises difficulties in solving any problems, or a long and tedious solution to the question you require.

If a girl dreams of someone else’s room, the dream book promises a coming marriage; a dream in which other people's apartment is present, promises a new love experience for a married woman, which can end with a long love affair.

If you dream of flood in the apartment, or other disasters in your home, the dream image is interpreted as the onset of difficult times for the owner of this dream. A dream in which someone else’s apartment was flooded denotes a strained relationship between you and others.

If there is water in the room, for a more accurate determination of what this dream is about, it is worth recalling the look of the liquid: if it is dirty, cloudy, you should expect conflicts between family members, clean and clear water - predicts success and well-being of the residents of this home.

The dream in which you make repairs in the apartment means that you are moving in the right direction, and your life is getting better thanks to your own efforts and work. A dream in which you have to watch the repair of your apartment, according to the dream book, means that an unknown person will help you with small household chores absolutely free. A dream in which repairs are carried out in someone else’s apartment means that soon you will support someone in fixing some everyday issues. Repair of the old apartment means that you will receive an interesting offer from the old place of work, or the old client will offer you a profitable contract.

Buying an apartment in a dream means a good investment of finance, promising easy profits. Buying a luxurious room, this dream suggests that your dreams are too far from fulfillment and you should work hard to make them come true.

Why does one dream of an old apartment? The dream interpretation determines that such a dream speaks of difficulties in fulfilling the set plans.

A dream in which another (unfamiliar) apartment is seen - a dream book promises dramatic changes in life. It is important what appearance this room had: if it is clean, bright and spacious - to successful changes, if it is dark and gloomy – such plot predicts bad changes in life.

The dream in which you saw keys to the apartment means great prospects and opportunities. If you have lost the keys, this means the chance will be missed, if you found the keys - you will become the owner of some important information that will help you achieve success. A dream in which the keys are made of gold (or other precious material) means that for the realization of the plan, friendship (acquaintance) with an influential person will be required. A dream book defines rusty, broken, or dirty keys as the appearance of obstacles in the execution of plans.

Moving to an apartment - this dream is interpreted as a stage of significant changes, a new chapter in life begins or a change in priorities. Moving to new apartments is a symbol of unexpected success, moving to an old room means difficulty in achieving goals.

Why do we dream of a big apartment? Such a dream speaks about the prospects and great opportunities that fate prepares for you. According to the dream book, the plot in which the room is furnished with new and beautiful furniture symbolizes good resolution of your issues.

The dream interpretation of apartment robbery is interpreted in two positions: firstly, this dream speaks about a person’s internal problems (self-doubt, fear of people and fear of expressing emotions), and secondly, a dream may mean that a person has a hidden resentment for relatives which oppresses him. If you dream that your apartment was robbed, you will soon have several admirers ready to offer their hand and heart. Also, a robbed apartment by dream book means the arrival of unexpected guests whom will be glad to see.

For men, the dream of a robbed apartment is a symbol of emergence of competitors in business. Robbery of someone else’s apartment - a dream means that you have negative thoughts and feelings (resentment, envy, anger), which you need to urgently get rid of before it leads to unpleasant consequences. Thieves in an apartment - the dream interpretation translates this image as your insecurity in your own strengths, if you act as a thief – a coming resolution of long-standing problems.

The dream where you saw fire in the apartment means the appearance of new love experiences in life. For married people the appearance of a lover is assumed; for single - a new meeting or acquaintance, which is likely to lead to marriage. If you saw a dream in which the fire, enveloping the room, did not touch the walls, then you will resist the temptation. The dream book interprets the burnt room as “burnt out” feelings, departed love, unnecessary and prolonged relationships.

A former apartment in a dream book means nostalgia for an old relationship or an upcoming meeting with long-forgotten friends. A dream, where the former premises are furnished with new and beautiful furniture - wait for promotion, success in business, signing a profitable contract. The former home is in ruin - your difficulties will be left behind soon, only memories will remain of them. If you have a dream that you still live in your former apartment, you should reconsider your plans for life and change the strategy for their implementation; for a girl such a dream suggests that you should not believe the promises of a young man.

To inherit an apartment - such a dream bodes many small problems and troubles that should be solved in the near future. The room to receive as a gift, according to the dream book, means improving financial well-being and success in further investments. To receive apartments as a promotion (or as a gift from government agencies) - help and intercession from influential people, unexpected financial support.

Why does one dream of renting an apartment? This dream suggests that changes regarding personal life will occur soon, for girls - the appearance of an interesting young man, for a married woman - the opportunity to have a new love adventure. To rent a room for living, according to the dream book, means to find new love or hobby.

To clean an apartment in a dream means establishing family home, for women it is a good sign that promises a good attitude towards her of husband and children. A dirty apartment promises minor troubles and problems in the family; removing dirt in the room (according to the Women's dream book) means you will get rid of feelings of dissatisfaction and resentment towards the spouse. A dream where you have to clean someone else’s home means to assist the intermediary in clarifying the relationship between friends or acquaintances.

The dream interpretation treats looking for an apartment as a subconscious desire to change your life radically, and also this dream means a coming change in work or marital status.

The dream in which you are going to sell an apartment means getting rid of old and unnecessary relationships or making big profits from a profitable investment or transaction. If you leave the room with heavy heart, the dream book predicts separation from a person who is not indifferent to you, if you feel the joy of selling your own room - to a successful investment of financial resources.

The open door in the apartment predicts the appearance of uninvited guests, and the dreambooks also interpret this as a moral and emotional readiness to accept new relationships and love experiences, a desire to start a family, or start your own business. If you see a dream where the door opens on its own - expect unpleasant news, close the door in the room - get rid of the hassle, unnecessary love relationships, partnerships, friendships.

Pigeons in the apartment - to joy, if the pigeon flew into the room, and you are trying to catch it - to the fun and family happiness in the house. A pigeon beating into a window - a dream means good news or an unexpected but pleasant visit of people you care about.

The dream where you are repairing the apartment means a change in your opinion, a renewal of relationships, getting rid of the past, which is depressing. Repair of a home means family proceedings, the outcome of which depends on the result of the repair.

What is the meaning of a dream of an apartment in Miller’s dream book? An unfamiliar place means a period of changes in life; renting out a room means an accumulated problem that cannot be solved on your own. A dream in which one dreams of owning a home that does not look like itself - to the good news. A dream where you can’t leave your own room at all - your plans will fail; unpleasant news.

Sergii Haranenko
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