Silence Dream Meaning

What does it mean if there was silence in your dream? If in a dream your interlocutor suddenly fell silent, this plot means you will expect news from him in vain.

If you keep silent about something in conversation yourself, then you should be wary of exposure.

If you dream that a crowd of people suddenly fell silent, then wait for unexpected news.

If you are struck by the sudden silence in a dream, this image means you will have to endure the bitterness of loneliness.

According to the Dreambooks for ladies, if you keep silent in a dream, this means you will be talking a lot in real life. The Newest dreambook considers that the situation will force you to be as eloquent as possible.

The Slavic dreambook thinks that silence in a dream is a symbol of coming events that will be able to change your life.

To see a dream in which everything happens in silence is a symbol of deception.

The English dreambook thinks that if you see in a dream calm, peaceful nature after a storm, silence in a dream is a good sign, foreshadowing that the end of your worries has come, peace and tranquility will come. Friends who are in a quarrel will make up.

Sergii Haranenko
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