Deceased Is Silent Dream Meaning

What does a dream about a dead person being silent mean? If the person who passed away is silent in your dream, this plot predicts an unfavorable life period. Besides that, such a dream predicts chores around the house.

In some cases, a dead person in dreams behaves like being alive, but at the same time he does not say anything or even looks in your direction. Such a dream may indicate that he holds a grudge against the dreamer. Perhaps it makes sense to go to his grave and ask for forgiveness. If this is impossible or extremely difficult to do, you can buy sweets and distribute them to friends or neighbors to commemorate him.

In addition, if the deceased is silent in a dream, this may mean that someone is hiding something from you. Thus, the dream, as it were, hints that you should carefully look at your surroundings. Most likely, intrigues are weaving around you.

There is another meaning to this dream. If you see the deceased as alive, and at the same time he goes about his business without paying attention to you, this may mean a change in the weather. Most often, the dead appear in dreams before rain or a storm.

    Which dead person was silent in your dream?
  • deceased father silent - means committing a rash act;
  • deceased husband not talking - longing;
  • deceased relatives keep quiet - unexpected joy.

If the deceased person smiled in a dream and kept silent, this is a sign of a serious conversation.

If he looks somewhere silently, this means the need to make a difficult choice.

If a man dreamed about a quiet dead person, this may symbolize intrigues in the team; such a dream for a woman - means the appearance of disturbing thoughts.

Sergii Haranenko
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