Spots On The Face Dream Meaning

What do dots on your face symbolize in dreams? What is the spiritual meaning of face marks in a dream? According to the dream book, spots on the face often indicate impending danger. Interpretations of what the image means in dreams are considered the main source of trouble for dishonest people. Sometimes what one sees in a dream reveals destructive moods. Some interpretations contain tips on how to implement a difficult plan. The appearance, the location of the spots and the attitude towards them will help you choose the desired prediction.

Conflict with yourself and the world.

Explanations of why you dream of some growth on your face mention indecision or hidden malfunctions in the body. If you dreamed about another person with spots on his face, this means danger comes from him in reality. A conflict is possible between the two persons who turned out to be spotted in a dream.

If the spots cause rejection in you, or are perceived as a kind of ugliness, the dream speaks of dissatisfaction with oneself in general. Such worldviews serve as a source of negativity and interfere with the achievement of goals.

What pigment spots warn about?

According to the Modern Dream Book, age spots on the face personify the dishonesty of others. There are envious people, deceivers, or secret ill-wishers among them, waiting for the right moment.

If these age spots are hereditary, this dream means you tend to blame your failures on poor parenting or bad genetics. The image also means that a non-standard approach will help solve the problem. If face marks are seen in a dream in spring, this means difficulties are temporary, it makes sense to just wait them out.

Birthmark in a dream is a significant symbol.

In dream books there are many explanations of what it means if you dreamed about a birthmark on the face. If you dreamed of it, one should be wary of the tricks of competitors who are desperate to win by honest means.

When one happens to see a birthmark on the face in a dream, additional chores are not far off with the ideas coming from one of the household members or close friends. According to the Eastern Dream Book, a birthmark appears on the face in night dreams on the eve of getting large inheritance.

Profit goes into your own hands.

There is an interesting interpretation in Longo's dream book about what a face mark that does not exist in reality means in dreams. Its sudden appearance promises profit, and not only material, for example, a pleasant acquaintance, conceiving a child, new knowledge.

If you are lucky enough to draw a beauty mark or freckles above the lip, this is a symbol that your social status will increase. Trying to smooth your skin again means leaving your loved one temporarily.

What the location of the spot tells you about your dream?

    If you happened to see spots on your face in a dream, remember how they were located:
  • A mark on the forehead warns against excessive gullibility;
  • A neoplasm on the entire forehead calls for taking care of your health;
  • The spotted nose in a dream represents curiosity and resourcefulness;
  • The dot on the nose reminds of the danger of alcohol abuse;
  • The spots on the lips symbolize sweet speeches and kisses;
  • The mark on the cheek in a dream is identified with change, a fateful meeting.

Face marks on other people in a dream.

It is interesting to find out why you are dreaming of the spots on strangers. If this is your spouse who has some face marks, this is a sign that your relationship, alas, begins to become obsolete. The relative runs the risk of being unfairly accused.

What does it mean if you are dreaming about spots on the face of your acquaintance? A friend may do an unexpected act that will plunge into indignation. The pockmarked stranger symbolizes the difficulty in advancing an important issue. Such "decorations" appear in those who inspire fear in reality.

Women's night dreams about face marks.

The dream book will tell you why a woman dreams of a spotted face. The symbol promises the dreamer extraordinary popularity with the opposite sex. At the same time, you should be picky about new acquaintances: some gentlemen may turn out to be selfish or dishonest.

The only one but conspicuous mark in a dream is encouraging that a worthy man will certainly be met among the many contenders for the hand and heart of the lady-dreamer.

Red is an emotional color.

A red spot on the face in a dream portends vivid emotions; however, not all of them are positive. A stormy personal life will bring you a lot of impressions, but its downside - conversations behind your back - will cause indignation.

If redness makes you uncomfortable, this means some amorous adventures can be frustrating. Dream Interpretation of Vanga believes that there is high likelihood of regretting your unreasonable behavior later. Dreaming about a lot of purple dots on one’s face promises a valuable gift.

Black and white spots on the face.

Light marks on the face reflect ignorance, delusion. Dark and black face spots precede the end of an unfavorable period, the resolution of a difficult issue. The esoteric dream interpreter also mentions getting rid of negative energy programs, destructive moods.

Zhou-Gong's dream book is less optimistic: according to the prediction, a serious problem associated with children is possible.

Family and marital ties.

What is the spiritual meaning of moles in dreams? Many interpretations are associated with close and distant relatives. Aesop's dream book predicts a long-awaited visit from a relative from afar. The renewed image of the spouse promises many years of love and prosperity.

If moles appear on a stranger in a dream, Miller's dream book does not exclude the possibility of becoming related with someone. When they seem disgusting, it doesn't hurt to reconsider your views: you are too biased towards your parents.

Who said it was ugly?

If you dreamed about spots on your face, Hasse's dream book pays attention to how you feel about them. Are you looking at them in the mirror with annoyance? This dream is a sign that dependence on other people's opinions, selfishness, fear of criticism make it difficult to interact with society and become the cause of many disappointments.

If you are lucky enough to admire the spots sincerely, this means you are in harmony with yourself and the surrounding reality, do not worry, believe in yourself. A positive attitude attracts favorable circumstances and a cheerful environment.

Sergii Haranenko
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