Moles On Body Dream Meaning

What is the mole dream meaning? What do birthmarks symbolize? In order to clarify the interpretation of a dream about birthmarks and moles, it is important to remember all the details seen in the dream: what size they were, their number, color, and so on. The dream interpretation depends on this.

According to Miller’s dream book, if you dreamed that you were examining the moles on the body of your beloved, in real life this promises a happy family life. Interpreting the appearance of new birthmarks, which, in fact, are not on the body, Miller’s dream book says that this means that you are destined to avoid troubles in reality.

To dream of a very large mole means that in everyday life you have an influential relative who patronizes you and always helps you out in a difficult situation. Another interpretation says that soon relatives will cause you a lot of problems and trouble.

If you dreamed that there were many moles on your body, it was literally completely covered by them, this is an unkind omen. Perhaps a misfortune will happen from which you will not be able to recover for a long time. However, such a dream can only be a reminder that you have many relatives with whom you have not maintained relationship for a long time.

The interpretation of dreams largely depends on the nuances of night visions. For example, if you dreamed that you delete a mole yourself without qualified assistance, it says that in your usual life you yourself give reasons for ill-wishers to gossip and slander, and you yourself are to blame for the fact that circumstances are not in your favor.

Explaining why you dream that you remove it surgically, dream books are encouraging that this is a good symbol of the fact that in reality you will be able to avoid evil gossip.

If you dream that you are looking at moles on your forehead, dream books interpret this as a probable disease and a weakened immune system.

Birthmarks on the face seen in a dream indicate that in real life you can be deceived by the closest person, even your parents.

If in a dream you see a mole on your face, which is actually not there, then expect a long-awaited meeting with your family. If it is on the head, then dream books explain this as the emergence of new ideas and knowledge from relatives, they will share their experience.

The night vision, in which you find a large birthmark on your back warns of serious problems at work, be careful when performing your duties. Seeing moles on a face in a dream is a good sign that portends the completion of affairs, the implementation of the plan.

If you had a mole on your neck, such dream is interpreted as the fact that your family will soon bring some trouble, obviously a relative will appear who often annoys you. If the moles are seen on your stomach, this is a sign of overeating, gluttony and laziness. The dream in which you see them on your legs indicates an imminent meeting with the family.

To see ugly moles in a dream means that you have been awarded by nature with the negative quality that came by inheritance. This can be used as a hint to change for the better. If they seem beautiful in a dream, then this is on the contrary a sign that you are naturally endowed with some special talent and you need to develop it.

If you dreamed of an ugly birthmark on your hands, for example, on the little finger, it characterizes the dreamer as a person who does not converge well with people, the one who has few friends. If an unsightly mole is seen on the chest, this is a symbol of vicious feelings.

Interpreting what is the meaning of a dream of how moles grow on your head, back and throughout the body, different authors agree that in reality there are a lot of people who want friendship with you or they even want to become related. According to another version, this promises unrequited love in ordinary life.

To dream of a small birthmark on the cheek means: all enrichment attempts will fail, so you will find yourself in a desperate situation.

Why do you dream that a mole appeared on your forehead? The dream interpretation warns: protect your health - you can get ill with an infectious disease that you will fight for a long time.

A mole on your face in a dream, found on your nose, tells you: your loved ones will pay close attention to your personal life. Also, a dreaming of birthmark on the nose warns of problems that the dreamer himself will gain when intoxicated.

If a girl dreams of an attractive speck adorning her face, this image portends the appearance of a persistent admirer. He will be handsome and very promising.

It is an excellent omen when a mole in a dream was located so that it can only be seen in the mirror. The dream promises: you will receive a gift soon.

    The interpretation of a dream about moles on face is possible depending on their appearance:
  • small, neat - a sign that you have a certain talent;
  • pretty - the plans will be successfully implemented;
  • big, ugly - you have flaws, but no willpower to change;
  • with hairs - an event will happen that will turn your life around.

If in reality there is a mole on your face, but in a dream it turned out that it had disappeared, this means you will have to overcome difficulties in order to achieve the plan, but you will succeed.

If the mole was ugly, and you tried to hide it, dream Interpretation reports: communication difficulties are coming. Acquaintances will mock you, and the reason will be a certain trait of your character that is difficult to get rid of.

Have you seen how you are trying to erase it? This means you want to make decisions on important issues yourself, but parents constantly dictate their conditions.

Sergii Haranenko
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