Interpretation Of A Dream About Freckles

Freckles are bright spots of the sun, and they are far from the most pleasant symbol that can be seen in a dream. Although a lot depends on what exactly you dreamed about. If in a dream you looked at your freckles in the mirror – expect minor troubles, but if you saw them on someone else – this means new acquaintances - most of the dream books give just such answers to the question of what freckles mean in a dream.

If a woman dreamed of freckles on her face – this is a symbol of minor problems that would still require time to resolve them, Miller predicts.

Seeing freckles on your body and on your hands is a sign of great quarrel with your loved one, possibly even a breakup because of disappointment in him. You will understand that true beauty is not external look, but a state of mind.

If a man dreams of his face abundantly covered with freckles – this means events can occur that will make him shed a tear in reality. There will be many worries and problems, although they will not be very serious, Vanga’s dream book warns.

If you are trying to get rid of freckles in a dream – this means you should be careful when trying to solve problems, instead of correcting the situation, you can make it worse. You should understand that sometimes it’s useful to just “go with the flow.”

Seeing a little red-haired girl in a dream – promises fun and carefree. It will seem to you that you are back in childhood.

If you dreamed of a child with red hair and freckles on his whole face – this means that in the near future you will commit an act that is not inherent to you. Of course, it will cause a public outcry, but in a positive context.

If in your dream you are invited to a children's theme party and therefore draw freckles on your and your child’s face – this is a sign that in reality, your gray life is so boring that you decide to bring bright colors into it in the form of new hobbies or traditions.

To see yourself in a dream as a little freckled girl or boy – means that in reality you will realize that all the problems are exaggerated.

The dream in which you see a freckled young man means that you will soon meet a very interesting person.

A very large number of freckles on a stranger’s face or on the body in a dream – means getting acquainted with an extraordinary personality, whose actions will sometimes border on craziness, the Muslim dream book warns.

To see freckles on the skin of a young girl in a dream means you will meet a person who can bring troubles to your loved ones, but this meeting will benefit you. You will change something for the better in yourself.

If there is a dream that you intentionally draw freckles on your body, because they “turn on” your sexual partner - the interpretation of such dream is as follows: a very frank flirtation awaits you with a person whom you hardly know, Freud's dreambook predicts.

If a woman dreamed that she gave birth to a very freckled baby - in real life, she dreams of flirting with a stranger and so that it can turn into something bigger.

If a man married a girl with freckles in a dream this means that in reality he will be flirting with a pretty colleague.

Sergii Haranenko
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