Translating Dream Meaning

What does translating mean in dreams? Translating from one language to another means you think about your actions for too long, losing time. You are hindered by indecision.

If someone translates something in your dream - there will be interference in business due to slow-wittedness and delays on the part of other people. You translate - you have problems with thinking; if turn your face to intuition, your business will go more successfully.

"Copying" text or drawing – is a sign that you should mind your own business.

According to the Dreambook of the 20th century, using the services of an interpreter is a sign that you are going to take on a case in which you risk being completely confused. Such dreams portend you failures, mistakes and quarrels.

Being an interpreter in a dream means that you have to settle some kind of controversial situation or solve an extremely complicated case.

According to the Family dreambook, being an interpreter in a dream means that you will be an intermediary in some kind of transaction and the success or failure of the business will depend on you.

If in a dream you cannot cope with the translation and do it with mistakes, this means your mission will fail and your partners will give up on you.

Translating smartly from a foreign language that you do not know means that you will find yourself in a position where you will have to use all your abilities to solve a problem. The dream predicts that you will succeed. Seeing an interpreter in a dream is a sign of a need for support.

If in a dream you know that the translator is misinterpreting words, this means in real life you should take a closer look at those people in your environment whom you trust. Most likely, they want to trick you.

Sergii Haranenko
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