Two Keys Dream Meaning

The keys seen in a dream signal the presence of secrets in the dreamer's life, both his own and those that he is trying to solve. Another explanation that dream books pay attention to is the possibility that changes will happen very soon. What dreams about keys mean, and what to do if there were two of them, the details of the dream will tell you.

Beware of unforeseen changes, Miller's dream book warns those who saw two keys lying in the dust in a dream. Finding the lockpicks in clean place, though, means that things that have stalled will get off the ground.

If a young girl was in a dream that she is closing the door on two locks, this is a sign that she is flirting with two men at the same time. But if you dreamed about losing the keys, this image predicts parting with someone she loves.

If you dreamed about a couple of keys, you should remember which locks they unlocked. If your two keys were suitable for many keyholes, expect a solution to the problem to come unexpectedly and from where you did not expect.

Seeing a pair of keys to an apartment is a sign of steadfastness. Without expecting it, you will show strong character that will undermine the desire of envious people to harm you.

And if you see that both keys opened both the car and the entrance to your dwelling, this means you should beware of trusting secrets to strangers, the Eastern Dream Book advises.

Sometimes two keys seen in a dream are a sign of the dreamer's inability to find any other ways to solve the problem, except for those that "lie on the surface." The reasons for this will be prompted by the nuances of the dream, for example, such as the looks of the keys.

If the keys in a dream are beautiful, made not by a handicraftsman, but by a true creator, this is a sign of imminent career changes. If they are crumpled, scratched, stained, then you should not take on things that initially seem impossible to you. You will not find the answer to how to execute them correctly and quickly.

The interpretation of a dream also largely depends on what you do with the object. Did you find a pair of keys in your dream? There is time coming when you will be able to do great things and not really putting much effort, Pastor Loff's dream book says.

Losing the whole bundle in a dream is a sign of quarrel, and a large-scale one.

Carving keys in a dream is a dubious symbol. If dreamed that the pins are very intricate in shape - do not expect easy ways to achieve the goal. But, the simpler the cut is, the easier it will be to find the right solution.

    And, of course, pay attention to the details. When dealing with a pair of keys, consider what they are made of:
  • gold - meeting an influential person;
  • tin - predicts poverty;
  • from metal - sign of perseverance;
  • wooden keys - compliance with persuasion;
  • keys from stone - you will gain stress resistance.

Real life superstitions about finding a key.

Sergii Haranenko
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