Keyhole Dream Meaning

To see the keyhole in a dream, to look through it - predicts new opportunities, quick resolution of problems. A dream means that there will be several alternative ways to promote a project that has nearly stopped. If you dreamed that you were spying on someone - get ready for secrets exposure.

Modern dream books describe contradictory why one dreams of inserting a key or a master key into a keyhole.

The inability to look behind a closed door in a dream, Miller interprets as a hopeless situation in which a dreamer may fall. The dreaming means that you are looking for a way out of a difficult situation, but you cannot see it because of your own bias towards others.

    Why one dreams of keyhole manipulation, Miller’s dream book is interpreting as follows:
  • Noticing that you are being watched – means to expose the conspiracy;
  • Prying at someone – predicts identifying weaknesses in competitors;
  • Inserting a key, trying to pick it out of many identical copies – means you will take a non-standard decisions;
  • To see a keyhole in the door lock from the side – is a symbol of emergence of new opportunities.

If you dreamed that you were not able to get the key into the keyhole, or did not see it at all in a dream – this means you do not look for easy ways to solve your own problems. Such dreaming means that indecision, long meditations and hesitations interfere with going forward.

Modern dream books, explaining what it means to pick a latchkey in a dream, advise to get away from traditional methods and look at your problem from a different angle. To see how the door opened after the first attempt – is a sign of a happy occasion, winning, quickly moving things forward.

To look at someone through a keyhole in a dream, to see something that is not intended for you – means revealing scammers in reality. It turns out that you will be able to expose someone else's conspiracy and stop the boisterous activity of dishonest competitors, intruders. Proving your superiority, pointing out the weaknesses of your rivals - this is exactly what dreaming about peeping means.

The dream book of Nostradamus promises to receive well-deserved awards to all who dreamed that they enjoyed what was happening on the other side of the door. For example, if you happened to watch a gorgeous ball, a huge number of beautifully dressed people, an amazing world of unfamiliar animals. The more bizarre the visions were, the richer the real life of the dreamer will be.

Seeing someone prying on you in a dream is not always good. Freud's Dreambook interpretation of the dream leads to the fact that someone will reveal your secrets, for which you will be ashamed.

The one who dreamed that he was caught at intimate activity should be especially careful. To look around and randomly seeing someone’s eye in the keyhole at the most inopportune moment means to become the object of gossip and slander.

Sergii Haranenko
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