Washing A Cat Dream Meaning

Since ancient times, it has been believed that cats have a connection with the other world, and their presence in a dream quite often symbolizes imminent life changes. Night visions in which a sleeping person bathes a cat have many interpretations.

    General interpretations of dreams about washing a furry pet:
  • bathing a healthy cat means making a big profit upon completion of the current project or a part-time job that will bring a good income;
  • if the animal does not resist during washing, this means advancement on the career ladder or receiving an unexpected bonus;
  • if the cat is trying to escape and is afraid of water - to achieve this goal you will have to spend a lot of time and effort, which can negatively affect the dreamer’s psychological state;
  • washing a very small kitten - a meeting with an old acquaintance will lead to warm memories and a pleasant pastime;
  • forcefully dipping a cat into water - this means that the boss or relatives will openly point out the dreamer’s mistakes, and thereby expose him to other people in bad light;
  • bathing a purebred cat means an unexpected search for a solution to a long-standing problem;
  • washing a stray cat - ignoring advice from family members or friends will most likely cause you to make silly mistakes that lead to loss of money or problems with your superiors.

Simultaneously washing a cat in a dream and playing with it means changes in the behavior of your loved one for the worse. Your partner will soon become an overly suspicious and unfriendly person. This relationship should be ended as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause continued suffering.

    The meaning of the dream may differ depending on the color of the cat that the dreamer is bathing:
  • washing a white cat - means a successful and long-awaited acquisition or minor positive changes in life;
  • bathing a black cat - unexpected financial expenses or the fulfillment of a long-standing desire;
  • gray cat being washed - predicts long-term stability in all areas of life;
  • bathing a red cat - sign of joyful events, celebrating a promotion or meeting a very influential person;
  • washing a tabby cat - the alternation of white and black stripes in life, as well as problems arising due to the dreamer’s unrestrained behavior.

If in a dream a cat has an unnatural blue color, this is a warning about a danger to business and health. Take a closer look at your friends and colleagues - someone is plotting against you. Try to avoid business trips and trips, as there is a high risk of an accident.

Bathing a cat with its kittens and seeing that the animals enjoy the process is a sign of good luck in life. In addition, your loved one will show attention and care towards you.

In Miller's dream book, washing a cat means an imminent quarrel with a colleague or loved one due to the dreamer's fault. To avoid conflict, it is recommended to moderate your ardor and not succumb to provocations. You cannot let your guard down at work - colleagues or competitors can take advantage of this, which will lead to financial problems.

If a cat scratches you while bathing, in reality you will suffer due to the betrayal of a loved one. It is recommended to take a close look at those around you - one of your friends has been harboring a grudge for a long time and will soon begin active actions.

Vanga associates washing a cat in a dream with coming troubles, so it is recommended to refuse to enter into dubious transactions or travel.

If a cat scratches while bathing, this is a sign that you are very jealous of your significant other. To prevent a relationship from coming to an end, you should learn to restrain negative emotions, be more sincere and open with your loved one, and also not listen to the advice of others.

If you dream that you had to wash a kitten, according to Vanga’s dream book, this means betrayal of a close friend or family troubles. If a sleeping person approaches things judiciously, this will help avoid most serious problems.

If the kittens in a dream are very dirty and look sick, expect deception from a good friend. This person’s behavior will be provoked by the dreamer’s excessive trust.

According to Freud, bathing a cat means experiencing sexual dissatisfaction in real life. To strengthen your relationship with your significant other, you need to talk openly with your loved one and together try to diversify your intimate life.

In Freud's dream book, washing a Siamese cat means feelings for a person of the opposite sex, which the sleeping person is afraid to reveal due to lack of self-confidence.

Sergii Haranenko
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