Cat Feces Dream Meaning

The stool seen in a dream, whether it be human feces or animal excrement, usually symbolizes an unexpected profit or gift. But is this interpretation applicable to all kinds of poop? Let's take cat excrement as a basis and clarify from dream books what they mean in a dream.

Gustav Miller believed that any feces, either human’s or cat’s, means a coming enrichment. And easy one - money is like "falling from heaven" on the dreamer.

Do you see in a dream how a cat laid a pile in a dunghill? This is an excellent dream, which means a pleasant surprise, and to farmers and all those involved in farming and vegetable growing, this dream promises a good harvest. Stepping into cat excrement is a sign of receiving a small amount of money as a gift.

    An important factor for obtaining an accurate interpretation of a dream is the thorough decomposition of dreams into details. Sometimes, the smallest detail seen in a dream dramatically changes the meaning of the dream. In order not to get into a rush, explaining the meaning of cat poop in a dream, specify where exactly you saw it in the night plot. So:
  • cat poop in your plate - “hungry years” are not scary for you, you will have enough money;
  • a pile of excrement lies at your doorstep - you will receive money for work done a long time ago;
  • the cat shit under the bed or on the bed - perhaps you are waiting for the replenishment in the family;
  • if you dreamed of a lot of shit piles scattered around the garden or yard - the arrival of wealthy guests;
  • feces on the windowsill or balcony - you will get the old debt returned.

A separate topic for interpretation of cat feces in a dream of is its cleaning. If you had to clean the toilet of your cat in a dream, be prepared that you will have to make excuses to someone for your actions or words soon. Learn to restrain your emotions so as not to suffer from embarrassment, the dream book of Pastor Loff advises.

Other interpretations of dreams, in which you remove cat excrement is given by the Eastern Dream Book. According to it, such stories can be seen before concluding an important transaction. You see that you managed to tidy up, but you were smeared from head to toe - you can count on solid dividends. To clean poop and stay clean is a worse interpretation, as it predicts a negligible income.

What do cat poop in the dreamer’s mouth mean? A rather strange and unpleasant plot, surprisingly, is found on the pages of many dream books. And each of them has its own opinion on this matter.

The interpreter of Nostradamus claims that dreaming cat excrement in the mouth promises an increase in capital to the person who saw this in a dream. And he will achieve this solely by his ability to speak and convince.

The interpretation of the White Magician, explaining why such pictures are seen, speaks of the dreamer's greed and self-interest. But the interpretations of the medium of Miss Hasse and the Gypsy dream book coincide, and they mean the inability of a person to remain silent and not speak out when he is not asked.

Sergii Haranenko
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