Cat Catching A Mouse Dream Meaning

Why do you dream that a cat caught a mouse? Such a vision calls to be more attentive to trifles and not to lose sight of the slightest nuances of events. The dream interpretation will help you understand everything that happened in a dream about a cat and a mouse.

What does it mean if you dream of a cat catching a mouse? The interpretation of a dream is recommended to be based on decoding and further combining the two main images. So the cat seen in a dream symbolizes intuitive and even magical abilities, and the mouse symbolizes minor problems and annoying people.

If you dreamed that a mouse was caught by a cat, this means you should listen to the signals that the subconscious gives you. Among other things, the same plot may reflect minor dreams and desires, which will come true in the very near future.

Your own cat often appears in dreams only as a connecting element between the dream world and the influence it has on real events.

What is the meaning of a dream of a completely unfamiliar cat that preys on a mouse? Be sure there will be a serious fight with competitors or outright enemies. However, you will not only have to row them down, but also to make friends if possible.

At the same time, the dream book advises preserving the information, the disclosure of which threatens to undermine your own reputation, as carefully as possible.

Miller’s dream interpretation is sure: if you dreamed of a cat with a mouse, this means the insidious people planned something evil against you. In a dream, seeing a lot of mice means that you will get into a trap prepared for you.

What it means if a cat caught a mouse in a dream? A dream picture marks a profit or a gift; in any case it will be a complete surprise for you.

If you had a dream about a cat holding a rodent in his teeth? The dream book claims that you will get help from friends.

If one happened to watch a cat that hunts a mouse in a dream, then the girl will have matchmaking soon, and everyone else will have great prospects in the near future.

Sometimes the decryption of the image has a slightly negative color if the mouse is associated with a dreamer. So the cat that caught a mouse in a dream frankly hints that you are too unsure of yourself and allow others poke around.

If you dreamed that a cat grabbed a mouse, the dream interpretation suspects that you will have to do what you clearly do not want to.

The mouse in the cat’s mouth also marks unpleasant news and conflicting circumstances in which you will be far from being "on top".

If in a dream you happened to see that the cat caught a mouse, this means you should be careful in conversations and relationships with your loved ones.

    One should recall the color and characteristics of the rodent:
  • white mouse - small chores, vain efforts.
  • black mouse - collision, conflict.
  • gray mouse - boredom, monotony.
  • if a cat caught a bat in a dream - recovery, deliverance.
  • dead mouse - financial difficulties.

What it means if there are so many mice in a dream that the cat does not have time to catch them all? Dream Interpretation suspects that difficult times are coming along with troubles, lack of money and other negatives.

Did you have a dream that a cat ate a mouse? This means that you will become a member of an extremely unpleasant scene in someone else’s house.

If you happened to see that the cat ate a mouse, the dream book advises taking care of your own safety - you are really in danger.

Sergii Haranenko
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