Cat Doing Something Dream Meaning

An image of a cat in a dream usually symbolizes a foe, ill-wisher or just an envious person. But if a cat ran away from you after you drove him away, you will be able to avoid your ill-wishers’ intrigues in real life. A dream of cat eating fish in a dream predicts that you can lose some good news because of your foe’s fault. If the cat in your dream was yours and he caught a mouse, you can expect huge profit and welfare.

A cat talking in a dream means the following: your life lacks sensual pleasures, you feel lonely and helpless, and inner experiences and wishes show themselves in such a fantastic way. If a cat scratched you in a dream, this plot predicts troubles in real life that will last for a long time and can even lead to problems with mental health. Being scratched by a cat in a dream means you should obviously resist the obstacles that you face in life; only showing your power you will be able to solve the problems.

There is an ambiguous interpretation of a dream about cat shitting in the house or on the bed. A person who saw such dream will be deeply disappointed, but because of this new forces will be woken up in him, which will lead him to wellbeing and prosperity.

If a cat bites a young girl in a dream, she will soon be disappointed with her partner because he will betray and cheat on her. If a cat bites a man, he will be slandered and persecuted. Dream of cats fighting predicts a number of small troubles that will shake anyone’s balance. You should not get upset, the problems will be not as serious as they seem and everything will settle down soon.

If someone pets a cat who is sitting on the dreamer’s laps, this dream warns about an insidious and hypocritical woman, who will violate all your plans, will act unfairly, deceive you.

A dream about cat on your hands predicts that a bad person will get you into a scam, and then he will blame you, so beware of slippery offers. Another interpretation of the dream is that you let unknown people to close to you; they may turn to be not who they want to seem and wish to hurt you.

Washing a cat in a dream is a symbol of big anti-competitor event. This plot is interpreted as a desire to deal with all the nuances of your occupation quickly and boldly go on, not paying attention to minor things.

If you dream of a cat washing himself with his paw, be ready to receive guests.

Feeding a cat in a dream predicts a number of pleasant moments with your partner. A cat eating a mouse can bring misunderstandings, quarrels, conflicts and even breaking up.

The independence and audacity of the cats is fully associated with dreams and the plot where the cat attacks the dreamer promises strained relations with ill-wishers who are trying to enter into open conflict.

And if a pregnant woman dreams of giving birth to a cat, the dreambooks can explain such a picture only as the dreamer's subconscious fears and worries about the unborn baby.

Losing a cat in a dream means the problem will disappear on its own; but will feel worried that it might be back for a long time after that. If you were looking for a cat in a dream, this image means you are trying to start a conflict with your rivals yourself. You’d better think about it once again: they are definitely not worth your time, attention and vile deeds. Catching a cat in a dream predicts facing a selfish, arrogant and freedom-loving person, with whom it will not be possible to establish good relations.

If a black cat crossed your way in a dream, this means you should beware of danger in reality. Such a dream also says that you overestimate your strength, and therefore you should not refuse the help of your friends.

What does it mean if you dream of trying to catch a cat? The dream interpretation is sure: an attempt to improve the financial situation will end in complete failure. If you could not catch it, this means that you will not be able to fulfill the set goal. If you drove away the angry cat and it retreated, hissing and snorting, this is a sign that you will "scare away" the enemies with your own actions, and for some time they will leave you alone. The same decoding is relevant for problems that have been plaguing for a long time.

What is the meaning of a dream of a cat running away? The vision calls for you to devote all your energies to work or your favorite business, otherwise you will lose it. If your own cat ran away, then it is possible that your husband or boyfriend will have an affair.

Did you dream that you fed or stroked the cat, but it ran away? The dream interpretation predicts: in reality you will do a good deed, but you will not receive even the slightest gratitude in return. In a dream, did the kitty run back and meow long? You will be able to expose an imaginary friend who did mean things behind your back.

What is the meaning of a dream of a kitten running away from a big dog or other danger? The dream interpretation suspects that in the real world you will encounter an already familiar, but very bad situation. Did you dream of cats fighting, after which the animals fled? You will get the upper hand in a long and desperate competition or get the opportunity to avoid traps set by enemies.

Did you have a dream that you were running away from a cat? There are very bad people around you, and deep down you understand that you need to distance yourself from them. If in a dream the kitty attacks, scratches, this is a sign that in reality you will have to fight back the hooligans and villains.

Escape from a whole bunch of cats in adream symbolizes an attempt to get rid of annoying troubles and their irritability. By the way, the dream book is sure: until you kill at least one cat chasing you, the situation will not change in waking life.

Sergii Haranenko
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