Water Spring Dream Meaning

What does a water spring symbolize in dreams? Dreaming of springs predicts peace and welfare in your life. Besides that, a waterhole seen in a dream promises pleasant events and creative success.

A spring of transparent water is a sign of positive changes.

Drinking spring water - promises recovery after a serious illness. The dreams about springs speak of improving one’s health.

Seeing a spring spurting from the ground is a sign of successful self-realization.

A dream in which you dig a spring portends a desire to open your own business.

Bathing in a spring with hot water is a dream warning of the need to look for an additional source of income.

    Can seeing a dream about spring of water be a bad sign?
  • A spring with hot water warns of danger.
  • A spring with ice water - predicts the cooling of feelings on the part of a loved one.
  • Seeing a spring with dirty water - means the deterioration of well-being.
  • Swimming in a spring is a sign of bereavement.
  • Seeing that it has dried up means a period of troubles and losses.
    What are the good meanings of dreaming about water spring?
  • A spring in the forest in dreams predicts interesting pastime.
  • Spring of water in the mountains - the acquisition of real estate.
  • Well-spring in the yard - means making a profit.
  • Finding a spring in a dream - symbolizes longevity.
  • Gathering water from it - a wedding coming soon.
    What were you doing in a dream?
  • cleaning the spring - doing hard work;
  • jumping over it - physical activity;
  • bathing in a spring - getting rid of negative thoughts;
  • drinking water from a spring - well-being;
  • going to the spring with your brother - reconciliation with your family.

If you dreamed that you were gathering dirty spring water in a bottle, this means the appearance of a two-faced employee in the team.

A dream in which the ground falls through and a spring appears promises good luck.

A spring that spurted in a neighboring area may be a sign of shame.

A dream in which you were looking for jewelry in a water spring promises sexual satisfaction.

Talking to a stranger near a spring - means prosperity.

Washing up in a spring in a dream predicts victory over a rival. Washing clothes in it predicts lifestyle change.

Sergii Haranenko
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