Water In River Dream Meaning

What does water in river seen in a dream mean? The water flow symbolizes the flow of life and water in river indicates peculiarities of present and future. If there was a lot of water in your dream, this plot can symbolize both minor failures and empty talks, as well as joy and success in your actions. The dreambooks advise not to relax anyway if your dream contained a lot of river water.

What is the flowing river dream meaning? A big and wide river is a symbol of an important talk. At the same time the dreams interpretations are warning about gossip and tears. Swimming in such river is a good sign: it literally means you are good with time and terms. If the water in river reflects the sun, this is a warning that illusive luck may disappear any moment.

A dream about river flood predicts problems at work. In more global interpretation, the dream can mean a serious disease or life threat. Watching the river filled with water is a favorable sign that everything will improve and the threat will be gone. If you saw that you were hit by an overflow river, all your starting will fail and give no results.

A deep-water river symbolizes a calm but too boring life. Boiling water in river is a reflection of your new and numerous ideas and creative plans. According to Miller, absolutely smooth water surface promises joy and positive perspectives. Walking on water indicates understanding sacral skills.

Boiling river water reflects not less boiling life events. A very fast flow symbolizes rapid changes and fast overcoming of obstacles.

  • Dark blue water warns about danger, blue water reflects dreams and illusions.
  • Dark water – you should get focused;
  • Black water – a symbol of illness or death;
  • Green water – career growth;
  • Brown water – stability;
  • Warm water – silent happiness and pleasant impressions;
  • Cold water – inner poise and strong health.

Dreams about muddy water warn about constant quarrels and conflicts, if you were gathering it, it is a symbol of very hard work. The same interpretation is given to dreams about dirty water, even more negative one. Seeing a narrow and dirty river can symbolize a risky trip; if you are lucky enough, it can be even profitable, if not, you will fail completely. Sinking in dirty water can mean big financial debts.

Absolutely clear river water is a symbol of independence and freedom in all the meanings of the word. A river without water is a negative sign about a sad event in a family; a dried river channel is a sign of financial problems and even poverty. If water plants were clearly seen through water, this is a reflection of your thoughts about changing your lifestyle; but this will remain in thoughts only.

If you were swimming in a river without a definite goal, the circumstances will be quite unfavorable. Swimming in a company of an unknown person is a promise that new feelings will completely absorb you.

    What are the Top-5 negative river dream meanings?
  • To see a river in the middle of the desert means public shame.
  • To wash clothes in a shallow river predicts intrigues of ill-wishers.
  • To gather dirty water from the river is a sign of a serious illness.
  • Drowning in a seething mountain river symbolizes a serious life test.
  • Jumping into the river from the bridge - means vain expectations.
    Here is the list of Top-5 positive meanings of dreaming of water in a river:
  • Crossing the river on a speedboat is a dream speaking about an easy achievement of the goal.
  • Drinking pure water from the river - means making the right decision.
  • A full-flowing river - represents financial independence.
  • Throwing pebbles into the river promises a wish coming true.
  • Walking along the river bed is a sign of good news.
    The dreambooks give short interpretations depending on the plot details:
  • shallow river - means deterioration in the financial situation;
  • dream of a dried out river - means unplanned expenses;
  • blue river in a dream - receiving good news;
  • green river - means doubts about the correctness of one's decision;
  • dreaming about dark river - stress;
  • flooded river - means overcoming all difficulties;
  • river covered with ice - reconciliation with a relative after a quarrel;
  • dreaming about a quiet river - means happiness and improvement of well-being;
  • a dream in which the river has dried up promises problems at work;
  • a river with waves means trouble due to the inability to control your emotions;
  • seeing a river in the forest - promises outdoor recreation;
  • a river with beautiful banks means getting rid of a bad habit;
  • to enter the river - to participate in a public event;
  • to cross the black river - to achieve the goal;
  • looking at the river - vain troubles;
  • to stand knee-deep in the river - catching cold;
  • swimming across the river - means physical fatigue;
  • drowning in a river - an injury at work;
  • going into the river, and then leaving it - brings tears.

Wading in a woman's dream symbolizes premenstrual state. Fording in a man's dream is a sign of bladder overflow.

Sergii Haranenko
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