Wedding Invitation Dream Meaning

The wedding invitation is interpreted positively by the dream book. Such a sign in a dream portends favorable circumstances for undertakings, a solution to any difficulties, and good relations with others. Other details of the vision will help you understand why it appears in a dream.

Did you dream about a wedding invitation? The dream interpretation claims: such a situation will soon develop or new circumstances will open, thanks to which the sleeper will understand who from his environment really treats him.

Seeing a Save-The-Date card in a dream – means someone trusts the dreamer so much that they will share their innermost dreams or important plans.

Did you have a dream of inviting guests to your wedding? In reality, great chores are coming, worries that you will have to solve on your own.

To invite people to your wedding in a dream portends: a warm welcome from others awaits you. They appreciate your ability to be subtle with people and your tact.

Why does a woman dream of receiving an invitation to the wedding of her beloved with another girl? The vision promises empty suffering and unfounded fears.

Getting wedding invitation cards in a dream means: a good situation will soon come for you to implement many planned undertakings successfully - in business and at work.

Did you have a dream of receiving wedding invitations from friends? The dreamer will soon attend the gala event. But the dream book clarifies: this will not necessarily turn out to be a wedding, perhaps another celebration, just as important.

Why do you dream of an invitation to a wedding of well-known people, friends? The dream interpretation tells: soon there will come a period when you will enjoy life, successful circumstances.

For a man to see such a sign promises the expansion of business contacts, receiving new profitable offers. For a woman - the appearance of an intelligent rival who knows her own worth.

Seeing an invitation to a wedding in a dream means: there are no insoluble problems in the dreamer's life. He can solve any difficulties - on his own or by asking friends for help. Therefore, there is no need to become discouraged when a difficult period begins.

Such a vision in a dream speaks of the self-sufficiency of the sleeper. He is quite pleased with his abilities and achievements. The period of hesitations is over.

Why does someone dream of being invited to attend someone else's wedding? The dream interpretation is encouraging: the dreamer will be able to easily solve all life difficulties soon.

    The interpretation of the dream depends on the one to whose celebration you happened to be invited:
  • girlfriend’s (for a girl) - a profitable purchase;
  • friend (for a man) - everything is going well in business and family;
  • sister’s - she will take part in the dreamer's life changes;
  • brother’s - climbing the career ladder;
  • distant relative’s - according to the dream book, events will occur that will affect your soul;
  • an unknown person - an unexpected meeting with a classmate, an old acquaintance;
  • your daughter’s wedding - the successful completion of annoying worries;
  • your son’s wedding - family relations will become even stronger.

A dreaming invitation to your daughter’s wedding means you pay little attention to her. Try to fix the situation; otherwise you will be very distant from each other.

Sergii Haranenko
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