Wetting Yourself Dream Meaning

Wetting yourself is quite unpleasant even in a dream. But why does such an unusual dream come to you and what does it bring with it? The dream book will give an accurate explanation of this event and tell you what to expect from life in the future.

First you need to consider that the most banal needs of the body can lead to such a dream. Therefore, it is not surprising that after a heavy drink at night, an adult dreamed that he had peed his pants. This case should not be taken into account in the interpretation.

Another thing is if in real life the sleeper experiences obvious overloads at work, is preoccupied with any problems or solves complex problems. In this case, you should definitely find out why incontinence appears in a dream. Such a vision is a signal of the need to abandon all business and have a good rest.

If the dreamer is tormented by doubts and emotional experiences for a long time, then the dream book interprets a plot about peeing your pants as a sign of their relief.

Sometimes if an adult wetted himself in a dream, this plot can turn into shame and an awkward situation for him in reality. At the same time, if a mother dreamed that her child had wetted his pants, this means she should take care of the baby's health, especially if he is already sick.

According to another opinion of the dream book, such a dream means a valuable expensive acquisition in the near future for an adult. The main thing is not to miss the moment.

The circumstances of night vision are of great importance in the interpretation. For example, did you dream that you wetted yourself in public? Expect big problems that will be impossible to deal with on your own.

If the dreamer described peed his pants in public, then probably someone is constantly interfering in his life. Moreover, the dreamer is completely unable to stand up for himself, which is why he suffers immensely. If in a dream a person drinks his own urine, this means he will commit an unthinkable act one day.

The place and sensations will help you understand what the dream that you wet yourself is about. The dream interpretation claims that if you dream you peed in bed and you feel comfortable, this means you will soon live in luxury.

If you feel bad, then you should expect changes for the worse. This is a sign of powerlessness and inability to do anything. Therefore, if you dreamed that you wetted your bed, then it's time to engage in self-development, gain new knowledge and skills. The dream books interpret seeing a wet bed as a sign of an imminent illness that will confuse all your plans.

Why do you dream that you peed yourself in the toilet? It's hard to believe, but the dream book promises material benefits and an improvement in financial condition. Moreover, if you dreamed that you didn’t have time to take off your pants in the toilet and peed your pants, then it’s time to get ready for a romantic date.

The dream book gives a special interpretation to the plot in which the dreamer had to see how other people wetted themselves. This may mean unforeseen problems and failure in business. Probably those whom you hoped to rely on will let you down. Seeing how strangers peed their pants may be a sign of entertainment and a fun company.

In general, after such a dream, the dream book recommends going to the doctor if possible. Often the subconscious gives signals about a developing disease in this way. In particular, dreams of involuntary urination may indicate diseases of the urinary tract, bladder, as well as overt or covert alcoholism.

Sergii Haranenko
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