Crapping One’s Pants Dream Meaning

Interpretations of dreams about pooping your pants given by Miller’s dreambook are the following: crapping your pants in a dream is a symbol of a quarrel with loved ones; in your underpants – means concluding an important transaction; shitting into diapers – symbolizes the end of a difficult stage in life.

If a man dreams about pooping in his pants in an unfamiliar place – this predicts loss of a large amount; if he got smeared with poop – this image predicts parting with a beloved woman.

According to Miller, shitting her pants in a dream may be a promise of a long-awaited pregnancy for a married woman; for a young woman this may be a symbol of troubles due to the broken promise.

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream portends conflicts with a loved one because of jealousy. If a man defecates under a tree, this is a sign of making a profit in a seemingly unprofitable business; if a man pooped in the car in a dream – this means problems with potency.

According to Vanga’s dream book, shitting your pants in front of everyone in a dream is about getting a valuable gift. If a married man craps during sex this dream means insults from his wife; for a divorced man – it’s a sign of renewal of relations with his ex-wife; for a widower – defecating in your clothes predicts a long business trip.

If a woman saw herself in feces in a dream, then this is a symbol of quarrel with a friend.

According to Loff, a dream about crapping your underwear portends problems because of self-confidence. If a married woman defecated in a dream, this is a sign of slight malaise.

For a man the dream that he farted and shitted himself, portends a long period of loneliness. If a woman defecates during menstruation in a dream, this plot predicts a meeting with distant relatives. To feed the baby and poop in a dream predicts an unsuccessful trip abroad.

According to the dream book of Nostradamus, such a dream portends receiving a gift.

    There interpreter gives the following short definitions:
  • dreaming of pooping your pants at home, predicts an from the neighbors;
  • cleaning up after yourself – means risk of getting into an unpleasant situation;
  • to crap on the street – misery due to a break in relations with a loved one;
  • stepping in poop in a dream – is assign of treason and betrayal.

According to the dream book of Meneghetti, pooping your pants in a dream – predicts vain concern. If you shitted yourself and urinated – this is a symbol of separation from your loved ones. If someone accidentally defecated from fear in a dream – this means unexpected help from a relative.

Crapping in the elevator in a dream is a sign of fatigue at work. Defecating in a church in a dream predicts illness of a loved one's; in the theater - means travel in a pleasant company; on the square – represents the end of the period of failure.

According to the Muslim dream book, crapping with white feces in a dream predicts problems in business because of self-confidence.

According to the Islamic dream book, such a dream can be interpreted as the end of a difficult path.

    Here is the list of brief interpretations of dreams about crapping yourself depending on where and where to you happened to defecate:
  • in the bus - success in business;
  • in the bathroom - problems at work;
  • in bed - profit;
  • in the toilet - moving;
  • in church - a dispute with relatives;
  • at work - financial independence;
  • into pantyhose - a long illness;
  • into diapers - vacation at sea;
  • into a hand - a quarrel with a friend;
  • into underwear - the opening of a new business;
  • in pants - conflicts with a boss;
  • on the head - slander from colleagues.
    Depending on who shitted himself in a dream, the interpretation is the following:
  • grandmother - an unpleasant situation at work;
  • brother - a fun party;
  • adult man - purchase of real estate;
  • grandson - resting abroad;
  • granddaughter - a reward for a completed project;
  • baby - the emergence of an additional source of income;
  • a little girl - the betrayal of a loved one;
  • a young girl - failures in business;
  • daughter - depression;
  • a friend - rest in the family circle;
  • wife / husband - unexpected expenses;
  • loved one - a favorable period in life;
  • a boy - a new acquaintance;
  • mom - help from an influential person;
  • father - lack of understanding with others;
  • guy / boyfriend - litigation;
  • girlfriend - accusation of squandering;
  • the deceased - worry about the children;
  • a drunk relative - unrequited love;
  • son - financial difficulties;
  • someone else’s child - a pleasant surprise.
    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about shitting yourself?
  • Shitting yourself in a public place symbolizes fatigue from the routine of everyday life.
  • Crapping in the boss's office in a dream - predicts conflicts in the new team.
  • Crapping yourself in the middle of a hospital ward - health problems.
  • To visit your parents and pooping in one's pants - the need to solve other people's problems.
  • Pooping and and getting dirty in shit - worries about the mistakes made.
    Here are the Top-5 pooping in pants dream meanings:
  • Crapping in public in a dream may symbolize a long-awaited replenishment to the family.
  • Defecating liquid feces several times - promises salary increase.
  • Crapping and crying - promises an exciting trip.
  • Crapping one's pants while lying in bed - means receiving long-awaited news from relatives.
  • Shitting yourself out of fear - may symbolize good mood.
Sergii Haranenko
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