Wooden Floor Dream Meaning

What does hardwood floor symbolize in a dream? In a dream, a solid wooden floor symbolizes stability, reliability, excellent health and warm relations. But the interpretation changes completely for any coating problem.

Did you dream of wooden floor? It reflects the position in life, the established worldview, and the dreamer's habits. If you had to sweep it, this means you have to get rid of something superfluous. Garbage and dirt on the surface of the floor means the inability to establish your own life, Miller states.

Why do you dream of solid and clean hardwood floor? In reality, there will be stability and prosperity. Seeing a beautiful and solid coating in the house is a sign of confidence in the future, support. But if in a dream the floor boards are flimsy and rotten, the dream book believes that the closest people will betray you.

Did you dream of beautiful flooring, which in fact turned out to be slippery and unreliable? This is a symbol of your wishful thinking and you can seriously pay for it. If the floorboards in the house turned out to be very dirty, this means the negligence in business will lead to the loss of well-being.

What is the meaning of a dream of a very old wooden floor? Prepare for failure, poverty, and leg illnesses. But if at night you happened not only to see, but also to examine carefully the old flooring, the dream book is sure: you will make a significant contribution to the family foundations.

Did you dream of an old floor that literally opened up a hole under you? This means someone from the outside does everything to make you ruin and disgrace. If in a dream you decided to replace the old coating completely, this means events are approaching that will change you beyond recognition.

    Do you want to get a true interpretation of the dream? A wise dream book advises you to give a decryption to your own actions.
  • Repairing the floor is a sign of big expense.
  • Rebuilding it completely means a disease.
  • Breaking the floor open predicts deterioration in family relationships.
  • To paint the floor means acquisition, profit of an intangible nature.
  • Polishing the floor means overcoming difficulties.
  • Sweeping the floor is a symbol of guests, news, losses.

What does it mean if you had a dream about how you were instructed to repaint the wooden floor, but you still did not dare to do it? The dream book believes that in reality you consciously flee from change and responsibility.

Did you dream about a completely new floorboard? Events are approaching that will literally unsettle you for a long time. Moreover, they can be both tragic and joyful.

Why do you dream that you had to wash the wooden floor? The dream book recommends preparing for illness and lack of money.

You may also wash floorboards in a dream before global life changes, for example, a change of place of residence, work, forced separation and even death.

At the same time, if you dreamed that you had to wash the hardwood floor, you will be able to achieve unprecedented career growth, but on condition that you do not stand up to the top management.

What does it mean if you happen to walk on creaking floorboards? The dream book advises to be less frank with unreliable people.

Walking on wobbly flooring in a dream and falling literally means that making mistakes you will achieve victory in a difficult matter. If you're unlucky enough to walk on a very slippery floor, you run the risk of being unemployed.

Is it good to see or just hear the mice scratching underneath the hardwood floor? With your own discernment, you will avoid great trouble.

Gliding on a shiny, unusually smooth parquet, like skating on ice - means entering into some risky ventures. Laying a parquet floor in your apartment is a sign of interesting news.

Sergii Haranenko
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