Interpretation Of A Dream About Washing The Floor

Doing cleaning in a dream is a good sign. Even ancient interpreters stated that a dream means restoring order in thoughts, plans for the future, moving to a new place of residence.

To dream of a floor cloth, to use it for cleaning is the same as dealing with your health closely in real life, to cleanse the body of toxins. The interpretation of dreams in famous dream books is not limited only to a thorough examination or prevention. The soothsayers claim that it is time to go to a sanatorium, visit a resort, go on holidays to the mountains, to the sea.

Removing dirt from a dusty surface in a dream means being able to listen to your own body. Washing the floors for a pregnant girl means to build a smooth and comfortable relationship with your loved one. Clean parquet symbolizes sincere feelings, love, spiritual affection.

    Vanga insists on the inevitable changes in personal and public life, if you happen to see yourself after a thorough cleaning of the house. To find a more detailed interpretation in Vanga’s dream book, remember what you used to wash the floor in a dream:
  • With a mop – respect from your family and neighbors;
  • With your hands, kneeling – spiritual growth;
  • With a washing vacuum cleaner – improving relations with your spouse;
  • With a broom – quick career growth;
  • Hosing – taking creative decisions.

Vanga states that the dreamer is ready for changes and will not miss a chance given by fate.

According to Miller, cleaning up in a dream means diligence and perseverance in business. People who have dreamed like this always succeed and can influence others. The interpretations in Miller’s dreambook are wholly dependent on the place in which you were cleaning up in a dream.

If you dreamed that you were in your apartment, in a mansion of your parents - your thoughts are now occupied with real-life housing arrangements. Most likely, the problems of a recent move, or just going to enter a new house, have an effect on you. In addition, the psychotherapist suggests that there may be a long business trip, in which you will need to go with the whole family.

To wash a floor in a bath-house - to guessing of other people’s secrets. Thoroughly scouring spots in a dream means becoming a witness to something unusual. Friends and relatives are able to surprise you a bit in the near future. Be sensitive to secret information, secret plans of your friends - your friendship will be strengthened even more.

Wiping puddles in the bathroom, toilet - means correcting the mistakes of the past. Use the soap, detergents - to the possibility of soliciting forgiveness from a person who had been offended recently. There will be a chance to improve your reputation at home and at work, to earn the respect of neighbors, the public, and reconcile with distant relatives.

Washing the deck or floor covering in the bus - to change the place of residence, profession. The changes will be so shocking that you barely have time to come to your senses before another promotion, opening your own business. As for dreams of washing the floor in the street, the psychotherapist’s dream book responds briefly: be careful, competitors will complicate your life noticeably.

To see a grandmother, mother, mother-in-law, sister, girlfriend with a broom - to family quarrels. Large scandals, the desire to separate from your relatives, to find other housing - exactly what dreams of watching someone else's cleaning activities means.

Garbage all over the room means quarrels caused by someone’s not wishing to take responsibilities and chores. Cleanliness and comfort, on the contrary, are symbols of satisfaction in family life. Solid, stable ground under your feet speaks of material wealth, stability, confidence in the future.

    The floor can be washed by a man in a dream as well. Freud gives the following interpretations of men mopping floors:
  • Father, brother or son – guests, joyful parties;
  • Husband, lover – intrigues, tabooed romance;
  • Unknown guy – gambling, adventure;
  • Deceased relative – bad news.

Most often people wash wooden floors in their dreams. On the one hand, it is a sign of the correct perception of the world, on the other - a warning that something is stopping you from living a full life.

In Chinese dreambooks, to wash the floor – is a sign of separation, breaking family ties, division of property, leaving the house. Moreover, the relationship with loved ones will be spoiled, completely. To restore them, you have to work hard.

Hindus insist that the environment is against you. It is necessary to reveal detractors, competitors and make every effort in order to bring them to answer.

The beginning of a serious illness is promised by Arab predictors. However, they also have positive predictions in case if you have managed to bring perfect cleanness and order. Egyptian dreambook speaks about the dreamer's independence. It turns out that the time has come to leave the parent house and open your own business.

Sergii Haranenko
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