Dirty Floor Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream about a dirty floor? Such a symbol, according to the dream book, portends deterioration of health, quarrels, carelessness in business. However, if in a dream you try to sweep, wash off the dirt, and put things in order, the meaning of the dream changes and promises good changes, mutual understanding, career achievements, and help.

Why does one dream of a dirty floor? The dream interpretation explains: it testifies to negligence in conducting business, neglect. Because of this, the dreamer's well-being can be seriously shaken.

To see a very dirty floor in a dream is a symbol of disorder, a sense of impending danger. A dream signals an inability to establish one’s own life. The sleeper obeys the circumstances instead of trying to change something too often.

Did you have a dream that the floor was littered with something? Misunderstandings will spoil your relationship with the beloved person. Show maximum patience to clarify the situation.

If you were sweeping in a dream, the plot promises deterioration in well-being, the onset of the disease. You need to visit a doctor on time.

Sweeping the dirty floor - according to some dream books, means harmony and mutual understanding, loved ones will love you, respect you. There will be many responsibilities, chores around the house, at work, but relatives will always help, provide support.

Sweeping in your own apartment in a dream portends significant life changes. The dreamer will organize not only the surrounding space, but also his own thoughts, and this will prevent the desire of the attackers to confuse him.

Why does one dream that he sees traces of dirt on the washed floor? Vision means: very soon you will learn about the betrayal of your partner, moreover, the evidence will be reliable.

Wet footprints in a dream portend minor difficulties that will cause a lot of trouble. You will have a nervous period.

Traces of dirt, according to the dream book, indicate that not everything is so smooth in the relationship of the dreamer with the second half, as it seems. Perhaps the husband (wife) does not appreciate his attention and contribution to the family.

Is linoleum in the house or other coating very dirty? The dream book warns: you show excessive suspicion, distrust of those who provide support. It is necessary to reconsider this attitude.

    The dream interpretations should consider where you saw the dirty table:
  • In the house – you achieve result by all means, but you should stop such practice;
  • In the apartment – misunderstandings with relatives, acquaintances, unknown people;
  • In someone else’s house – serious censure for your unauthorized actions;
  • At work – a number of affairs you too carelessly deal with.

If you were washing the floors in someone else’s apartment, this means your hopes to achieve your goal will be in vain. Washing someone else’s floor with your hands predicts humiliation.

Washing the dirty floor at school predicts positive life changes. Washing dirty floor at work means you will need to build your career. This will not be easy; you must obey the superior, to comply with many requirements. However, this will bring financial as well as moral satisfaction.

Sergii Haranenko
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