Wormy Apple Dream Meaning

A dream about wormy apples symbolizes an unsuccessful romance or betrayal of your partner. Besides that, seeing apples with worms in a dream may predict troubles at work because of misunderstanding with colleagues.

Few wormy apples in a large pile of fruits speak of improving the financial situation; a lot of wormy apples - predict unforeseen expenses.

A wormy apple and spoiled apple juice - warns of a quarrel with a relative.

    What kind of wormy apples did you dream about?
  • green apples with worms - useless disputes;
  • wormy red apples - the violation of plans;
  • large apples full of worms - the loss of a valuable thing;
  • small wormy apples - troubles in everyday life;
  • rotten wormy apples - events with negative consequences;
  • a lot of wormy apples - conflicts in the family;
  • apples with worms on a tree - an unexpected dismissal.
    What were your actions in a dream about apple with worms?
  • seeing a wormy apple on an apple tree - the division of property;
  • eating an apple with worms - a disease;
  • biting a wormy apple - betrayal by a loved one;
  • picking a wormy apple - the risk of becoming a victim of scammers;
  • seeing a long worm in an apple means loss of money.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about apples with worms?

  • Sorting through wormy apples in a dream is a sign of a depressed mood.
  • If you dreamed that someone treated you to a wormy apple, this means failure of the work you have begun.
  • Wormy apple falls from a tree - betrayal by a partner.
  • Buying a juicy and sweet wormy apple means an unexpected expense.
  • Eating wormy apples and throwing away the cores - poverty and debt.

Here are the Top-5 positive wormy apples dream meanings:

  • Cutting wormy apples in a dream means overcoming obstacles on the way to the goal.
  • Squeezing juice from them - the beginning of a favorable period in life.
  • A wormy apple lying on a plate means an interesting trip to another city.
  • Bitten apple with worms - meeting with friends.
  • A child picking a wormy apple predicts good news from a distant relative.

According to the interpretation from Miller's dream book, a wormy apple in dreams predicts problems in the professional field.

    Additional dream meaning by Miller (for men):
  • a bitten wormy apple means the appearance of envious people;
  • wormy apple cut into small pieces - deception by friends;
  • large wormy apples - prosperity and luck;
  • dark-blue apples with worms - creative inspiration;
  • huge wormy apples - victory over the enemy.
    According to Vanga, wormy apples mean the following in a dream:
  • wormy apples that fell from a tree warn of a hasty marriage and a quick divorce;
  • wormy apples in a basket - a the visit of annoying guests;
  • apples with worms sold on the market - the disclosure of the dreamer's secrets by friends;
  • wormy apples on a branch - winning the lottery.
Sergii Haranenko
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