Choking on something omens and superstitions

If, during a measured meal, food begins to go down the wrong pipe, this may have a hidden meaning, and in order to give the most correct interpretation, it is important to pay attention to the smallest details.

What does it mean to choke at the table?

    Choking at the table is a sign that has the following interpretations, depending on the situation:
  • choking during a meal - foretells the arrival of a guest even before the end of the meal;
  • if someone is choking while talking, this is a sign that everything said by a person who has choked may not be true;
  • choking on air at the table is a signal that at that moment someone from your environment thought something bad about you;
  • choking during morning tea drinking - indicates the appearance of guests in the house before evening.
  • If you choked while eating or drinking tea in someone else's house, this indicates that you are a welcome guest and will be dining here again.

Choking on saliva meaning

The most popular interpretation of the sign of choking on saliva is excessive excitement in a person. If at that moment there was a nice conversation going on, such an incident means that some information caused a strong emotional outburst in him. Often this indicates that the person wanted to sugarcoat reality or tried to hide the truth.

If the conversation is with a person of the opposite sex, such a situation may indicate the presence of hidden sympathy.

What does it mean when you choke on food or water?

    It is important to consider what food you choked on:
  • Choking on fish bone - signals the need to analyze the relationship with your loved one. There are probably unresolved conflicts between you that could lead to a final breakup.
  • Choking on a fruit pit means the presence of insidious plans in your direction from relatives or friends. If it was a cherry pit, you will successfully uncover the insidious plan before it harms you.
  • Choking on breadcrumbs - indicates a series of minor troubles at work or at home in the near future.
  • A piece of meat caused choking - an accident may soon occur to you, which will lead to serious injuries.

The sign of choking on ordinary water symbolizes the coming arrival of guests from afar. In old times, it was believed that this sign indicated the arrival of people by water from another country or city.

How to neutralize negativity from choking signs?

    There are several ways to neutralize such a sign:
  • In order to avoid having lunch at the place of a person where you choked, take a piece of bread or some bread crumbs from the table and place it on the top of your head for a couple of seconds;
  • Also, to avoid becoming a guest of an unwanted person again, rub the bridge of your nose with the index finger of your right hand.

The above methods will also help if you do not want to see unwanted acquaintances at your place.

You should not always pay special attention to signs - if you choked while eating quickly, this is a normal reaction of the body that does not mean anything more.

In addition, try not to suspect anyone who chokes during a conversation or at the table of hidden insidious plans - this could be simple awkwardness or an accident.

Sergii Haranenko

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