Omens and superstitions about threshold

The threshold symbolizes the beginning of the path, the dwelling, because everyone who enters the house steps through it. It is usually made from wood. In ancient times, it was believed that the keeper of the house - the brownie - lives under the threshold

    What does it mean if one stumbles over the threshold? What does stepping over the threshold with your right foot mean? Superstitions about sweeping towards the threshold or away from it. What does a dream in which you have to say goodbye to a loved one on the threshold promise?
  • 1. Sitting on the doorstep – predicts gossip from neighbors, the appearance of ill-wishers.
  • 2. Kissing with a loved one on the threshold – promises quarrels and parting.
  • 3. Crossing the threshold with your right foot at the exit is a good sign that predicts luck during the day.
  • 4. Passing money across the threshold – leads to poverty, material difficulties.
  • 5. Passing things, kitchen utensils over the threshold – predicts a series of failures.
  • 6. Taking some things across the threshold – is a sign of bad luck, the appearance of problems in the family.
  • 7. Standing right on the doorstep – symbolizes serious trouble, illness for all residents.
  • 8. Talking on the doorstep is a bad omen, promising misunderstanding in the family, conflicts.
  • 9. Sweeping towards the threshold – is a sign of misfortune and poverty.
  • 10. Sweeping inwards the house from the threshold – may mean the appearance of evil spirits.
  • 11. So that evil forces and ill-wishers do not enter the dwelling, it is worth hanging a charm over the door.
  • 12. If during construction a talisman is placed under the threshold, the life in the house will be filled with prosperity and happiness.
  • 13. In order not to grieve for a deceased relative, you need to sit on the threshold and eat a piece of rye bread.
  • 14. Stumbling on the threshold when leaving – promises failure on the way or an accident.
  • 15. Stumbling over the threshold upon arrival home – means quarrels in the family, according to signs.
  • 16. If the threshold began to creak – predicts a serious illness of one of the household members.
  • 17. If a bad person has visited the house, you need to throw some salt over the threshold after he leaves.
  • 18. In order to protect the family from damage and the evil eye, it is periodically worth sprinkling the entrance of the threshold with salt.
  • 19. You can get rid of negativity in the house if you sweep the threshold with a broom three times.
Sergii Haranenko

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